Chapter 14

That little head happened to be exactly where the mountain god’s breasts were. Zhang Qishan realized that the mountain god probably hadn’t been breastfeeding Zhang Xiaoyu just now. But did that mean that the little head been kissing Zhang Xiaoyu instead?

The small head couldn’t open one of its eyes and it looked like it wasn’t in a particularly comfortable position, so Zhang Qishan was able to successfully avoid the first blow.

He turned his head and saw that there was a submachine gun stuck on a tree stump. He instantly rushed over, held the child in one hand, and then raised the submachine gun with the other hand.

The barrel of the gun was bent.

He escaped another blow, raised his hand, and threw the child into the air so that he could forcefully bend the barrel straight again.

As the monster’s eyes followed the child, it used its claws to swat at the child. Zhang Qishan raised his gun and fired, causing the mountain god to withdraw its hand upon impact.

By the time Zhang Qishan jumped up and caught the child again, the mountain god had already hidden itself in the darkness between the tree branches.

Zhang Qishan directly followed the child’s gaze and shot wherever the child was looking at. The mountain god was tossing around in the dark, but the trail of light left by the bullets continued to follow it. The projectile motion looked as if someone was peeing at where the mountain god was.

But all of a sudden, there weren’t any bullets left. The mountain god rushed out of the darkness, its body already covered in bullet marks. Zhang Qishan found that the small head was controlling the body, but it wasn’t moving as smoothly as before.

He thought for a moment and then suddenly jumped onto the tree, hung the child on the branch, and directly charged at the mountain god. The mountain god went to attack him with its palm, but he turned around in the air, avoided its palm, and instantly grabbed its wrist. He swung around in the air before he landed and rushed towards the monster again.

The monster leaned down, its movements slower now since its legs were in the swamp. Zhang Qishan moved at his fastest speed and reached the monster’s feet in an instant. Now he could reach its pelvis.

The monster hunched over and tried to wrap its arms around him so that it could pin him down, but Zhang Qishan ducked under its armpit like he did earlier when he rescued Zhang Xiaoyu. He immediately circled around the mountain god and flipped onto its back, piercing the monster’s back with both hands. He then pinched its spine, put his feet against the monster’s back, and gave a shout as he forcefully pulled his hands out. He managed to tear half of its spine out, the spinal fluid and nerves splashing everywhere. The monster twitched all over and then fell into the swamp.

Zhang Qishan also fell into the swamp, but he climbed out of it and quickly went up to the head that was under the monster’s armpit.

He pulled out the bayonet that was still lodged in the monster’s joint, aimed it at the head, and then stabbed it directly. The head wasn’t protected by a skull at all and deflated like a urine bag, the brain inside flowing into the water like tofu.

The monster was completely motionless now.

As Zhang Qishan stood there panting, he discovered that he had six or seven deep wounds on his body. He didn’t know when he had gotten injured, but the wounds weren’t critical.

It’s still mortal after all, he thought to himself as he looked at the monster.

He climbed back to the branch and grabbed the baby once more. The kid was no longer looking at the monster; it seemed that he wasn’t interested now that the thing was dead.

“How could you be a child of the Zhang family?” Zhang Qishan looked at the baby, already feeling relaxed. At this time, however, he found that the baby’s eyes were still looking in a certain direction.

Why aren’t things over yet? Zhang Qishan thought to himself.

As he returned to where Zhang Xiaoyu was, the baby continued to look in the other direction. After checking Zhang Xiaoyu and finding that his condition was stable, Zhang Qishan grabbed a nearby wind lantern and threw it at the place that the baby was looking at.

The wind lantern flew up, hit the canopy, and broke, the burning kerosene quickly illuminating the area.

Zhang Qishan saw a huge, old brass coffin sitting in the tree’s canopy. It was wrapped in aerial roots and vines to such an extent that it had almost integrated with the tree.

Zhang Qishan could see that it was inlaid with gems of various colors. Although they looked dim because of the dust, they still reflected halo-like flashes of light under the firelight.

The baby kept looking at the coffin, not moving his eyes away from it for a second.

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