Chapter 16 The Final Broadcast Cycle

I practically pressed the satellite phone up against my ear and focused all of my energy on listening.

The broadcast paused and then continued, “This broadcast is meant for only one person. His name is Zhang Qiling. Please pass the following information to Zhang Qiling by any means necessary.”

The broadcast paused again before continuing, “Zhang Qiling, you can’t enter here. You definitely can’t enter here.”

I stared blankly for a moment and Jin Wantang’s face changed drastically. The broadcast made a series of white noises that was followed by a long speech, but I couldn’t hear it clearly.

After that, it returned to the start of the broadcast and repeated again.

I thought it was a problem with the cloud coverage just now, but after the first part of the message was finished, that loud white noise appeared again and the rest of the message was still inaudible.

After repeating this three times, I realized that it was a problem with the sound source. I didn’t know why, but the last part of Xie Yuchen’s message—that last long sentence—seemed to be damaged.

The satellite passed over the grassland once a day, so that was the only time when all of the teams with satellite phones could communicate with the outside world. Xie Yuchen used his satellite phone to record a message and broadcast it regularly, so the message only played in a loop during that time frame.

My face had turned pale as I tried to figure out what the indistinguishable part of the message was from his tone of voice.

But soon, the satellite phone went silent. I looked up at the sky and realized that the satellite had already passed over us.

“Why don’t you rent a synchronous satellite wave band next time,” I said to Jin Wantang.

“Synchronous satellites involve the military,” he replied. “This is the border. Those kinds of satellites will expose all of the teams’ positions and may even attract border defense.”

I sighed, feeling very uneasy. This kind of thing had never happened before. All of the warnings in the past had been sent to me, but this time, the warning was sent to Poker-Face.

Poker-Face couldn’t enter that place, but why? Was there some kind of connection between him and this tomb?

The Zhang family had been monitoring this place back then, so was there a deep-seated secret or something?

Xiao Hua’s work was always airtight, so why did the message become so indistinguishable? Did he not check it? Or, did someone come by after they left the satellite phone and destroy the message? If they were warning Poker-Face not to enter that place, what was their situation like?

I turned to look at Poker-Face but he was still fast asleep. I’ll just tell him later, but will he accept the warning?

Fatty succeeded in making our captives vomit, leaving several of them half-dead in the process. They didn’t tell him anything useful even though he had used his underworld methods, so he came to ask for breakfast. When he saw Old Jin and I holding the satellite phone with pale faces, he asked what was wrong.

After I told him the situation, he looked at me with a very confused expression on his face and said, “Xiao Hua’s warning can’t be ignored.”

I nodded and he continued, “Or, should we have Little Brother wait for us here? Let’s figure out what’s going on first.”

I took another look at Poker-Face.

Will he accept it?

If it was an extremely dangerous area monitored by the Zhang family, would he let me and Fatty take the risk? He wouldn’t.

I didn’t know why, but I suddenly felt as if this whole thing was a hopeless situation directly aimed at him. It made me feel very uncomfortable.

Should I lie to him? I can make up a lie and use false information to distract him. Then Fatty and I can look into this matter and leave him with enough clues.

When I thought of this idea, I suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.

I suddenly realized that my thoughts just now were the same as what Uncle Three used to do to me.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 16 The Final Broadcast Cycle

  1. 😑

    I was so excited about them all sharing this adventure together, and the author is already trying to split them up. I get it, they are too powerful when all three are together, it’s only a challenge if they are separated at some point.

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  2. Every time wuxie manages to put his shit together something happend and the trauma and bad memories come back 🤦🏻‍♀️ i really hate all the tombs related with the zhang


  3. A little while ago, I’m just saying xiaohua will be fine, but now that he mentioned that xiao’ge shouldn’t enter the tomb, I’m worried

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