Chapter 0 Celebrating Another New Year

Time flies, yin and yang change, and it’s time to celebrate the new year again.

A task for the new year has actually been placed on my desk at this time.

This year’s New Year’s celebration is particularly special. If it was last year’s celebration, I would simply feel nervous and unsure about the future, but there’s always hope, so I feel that everything will pass. This year’s New Year’s celebration is full of more confusion as people begin to discuss real human issues. Disasters may be eternal, but there must be a way to coexist with them.

In this era, willfulness has become a luxury. I don’t know why, but when I genuinely reflect over the past thirty years, I have a hunch that the things I thought should rightfully be mine start to be marked with a price. For example, the freedom to breathe, the belief that I should have a wonderful life, the joy of traveling and experiencing different things, exploring the boundaries of my own life, the pleasure of making quick decisions, and even the sense of control of choosing my own death have all disappeared this year.

From the start of this year, I’ve roughly understood that I have no control over where I die, how I die, or what the state of my death will be like. The so-called wonderful life and different experiences are all just benefits given to you by the previous era. They have little to do with your own awareness of your abilities. If they’re not given to you, then you won’t have them.

These are all just platitudes, so people with even a little bit of awareness should be able to perceive it this year. But like the blue sky after a hundred days of haze and strong winds, I also know that humans will eventually be able to go out and enjoy that pleasant breath of fresh air again. As our memory will slowly start to fade, we’ll go back to that arrogant state of being, thinking that the world should treat us favorably. All that needs to be done is to endure it and move forward.

But it won’t be that fast. The quality of perseverance requires us to continue gathering more skill points. Starting this year, there will be some hardships that may come in waves. But for now, just be sure to take care of your next meal.

The so-called New Year’s Special this time is more of a thought. I hope that I, and those who read the novel, can reach that world and get a sense of comfort from the words.

The New Year’s Special this year will be very long, and since this year’s theme is writing, I may have to keep writing it down. This length makes me hesitant to start rashly, so before the New Year is up, I’ll write a couple of chapters to see if I can get a sense of the text.

<Establishment of the New Mystic Nine><Table of Contents><Chapter 1>


Ok guys, we’re back to Post Restart Sequel Part I: “Looking for the Dead in the Sea of Lights”. It turns out that it’s also the 2021 New Year’s Special (which is a new record for him since it’s apparently 87 chapters as of today). The next 2 chapters were posted over a month ago, so you can either read over them again or just skip them and head straight to chapter 3 whenever I get around to it.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 0 Celebrating Another New Year

      1. Maybe he’ll be nice and fill in some old pits while writing the new ones, like with some of the recent stories. 😌🤞


      2. Hi 🤗 thank you for translate… i found information that the author wrote a story about liu sang👀…. is that true? 🤔… are you going to translate that too? 👉👈


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