Chapter 27 The Junior Classmates Are Here

With the help of our two new workers, the farmhouse was becoming more and more beautiful and a lot easier to run.

I originally planned to buy some flowers and plants to decorate my small house, but since the courtyard hadn’t been set up yet, I temporarily placed them in the farmhouse. But Lin Liuren had high aesthetic tastes, so he ended up taking care of them. As a result, the farmhouse transformed into a very formal and beautiful garden restaurant.

Or maybe it was more appropriate to call it a botanical garden restaurant. He even added plants he had dug up from various places so it looked very beautiful. I was a little reluctant to destroy the current layout and figured I’d probably just have to buy a new batch of flowers for my house.

In the first month, we finally made over two hundred thousand yuan. Even after taking the expenses into account, we still had a profit of a hundred thousand so I considered our restaurant to be very successful. Our main customers were children, tourists, and students, so there were more and more photos taken with customers on the wall. Fatty and I secretly competed to see which of us had more photos.

Some people had taken pictures of the three of us when we were busy working. In fact, it was very easy for everyone to distinguish between the three bosses and the two workers because our situations were different.

We were more handsome.

We continued building the house very slowly. Once the batch of timber was replenished, the structure and partitions were finally completed. The next step was to do a good job building the roof. It was going to be done in the Tang style, which was actually a very particular style. I couldn’t do it myself, so I asked one of my former teachers at the school to introduce me to some students from the Department of Ancient Architecture that would be willing to help out.

This would help their education a lot, so the school agreed to send about eight people. They were actually going to arrive today, so Fatty went to pick them up early since he loved lively atmospheres. I, on the other hand, was feeling a little nervous.

I wasn’t a good senior and didn’t know what to say to my junior classmates. Should I pretend to be successful or just pretend to be a showoff? Let’s just pretend to be a showoff. After thinking about it, this was the relatively simple choice.

There were three people in the first batch: two girls and one boy. They all stopped when they saw the current prototype I had built and expressed their dissatisfaction. I figured they thought my design was too simple. The boy was quick to express his opinion, “I thought this house would look amazing. Isn’t it just a simple wooden villa?”

I decided I had to bring them to their knees, so I took out the caisson.

The girls really liked the garden farmhouse and said that creating such a garden was their goal in life while the boy scoffed again and said that a man’s romance should be made of stone and cement.

“Do you want me to make him part of the stone and cement?” Fatty asked me.

On the contrary, I was actually very happy. I felt that children nowadays were very lively, and even if they were being a little disagreeable, they were at least doing it vividly. Any kind of vividness in this world was actually very enriching.

They quickly began designing the roof and studying the caisson. Poker-Face gave them some guidance, and from that point on, he became known as Professor Zhang.

It definitely brought up some long-lost memories (1).

I estimated that the fixture-related aspects of the house would be finished in another month, but for now, it seemed like it would be a very comfortable wooden mansion.

I lived these past few days so routinely that I felt like I was back in college. But just when I thought that everything would be finished smoothly, an unexpected person appeared.

The sandpit boss once again came to my farmhouse, led by Li Dahu. When he came up to me, I noticed that he looked exhausted.

I glanced at him. “What do you want?”

“I came to apologize,” the sandpit boss said. “I admit my mistakes and have changed my evil ways.”

I found it funny, “You can tell me about it in detail.”

“Actually, I have something to tell you about the things that occurred on this land before,” he said.

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TN Notes:

(1) This is a throwback to Vol 2 “Angry Sea, Hidden Sands” (Chapter 15, pg 73 if we’re getting specific) when Poker-Face was going for the Academy Award for Best Actor.

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