Chapter 19 Oh My Godfather

What was the flaw? How did I realize that these seemingly separate events had a logical connection?

Unlike the strange and bizarre adventures I had been on before, real life logic was generally straightforward. Everything that happened in real life was as clear as black and white.

First, someone didn’t want me to open the farmhouse. Second, the shop started to be haunted right after I opened it. Third, we saw the girl after closing the store that night. Hell, the supposed haunting happened the exact same day we saw the girl. Fourth, the girl had an accident the next day. Before the accident occurred, the girl told her friends that she kept seeing something in the bamboo forest. Fifth, when the girl had her accident, she said she also saw a ghost in the bamboo forest and was frightened.

If this really was a bamboo ghost, then it had an especially short attention span.

But if it was a person, then the logic was very clear. There was a high probability that someone had noticed the girl because of me. Once I had confirmed that fact, it didn’t matter whether the reasoning before and after was absolutely correct.

The sandpit boss and I waged a silent war with our eyes for a while, and then he suddenly smiled.

“How did you know it was me?” He wasn’t nervous at all. He seemed to think that even if I knew the truth, I didn’t have a good way to deal with him, so he laughed. “I’m not afraid of you. So what if the things you said are true? It’s not a big deal.”

“At that time, Li Dahu came to negotiate with me. He said that when it came to opening a restaurant, you had to balance both the black and the white. This sentence basically referred to the underworld. I took out the girl’s cigarettes and looked at them. They’re not the same brand as the cigarettes she left in my friend’s clothes. When you followed us, you were throwing your cigarette butts away without a care in the world. The girl saw them and thought they belonged to my friend. She wrapped them up and stuffed them into my friend’s clothes as a revenge prank. There was some yellow sand both on the cigarette butt and the place where you hold it with your fingers. I studied architecture, so I know that this sand is river sand.” I took a sip of beer, “Later, when I checked nearby businesses in Huangsha, I came across your name. Your arms are strong and you’re a local thug here. You’ve been sent to the detention center three times because of brawls and once molested the shop assistant at the footbath shop. Not only did you just so happen to appear on the mountain where that young girl disappeared, but you also have a shareholder relationship with Li Dahu.” I looked at him, “Li Dahu may not be willing to cooperate with you anymore since you threatened him into giving you shares. He suffered a loss because of you, so that was why he basically couldn’t look me in the eyes when he saw me. This person is weak and afraid of bullies. The only reason he came to threaten me was because you made him.”

The sandpit boss looked at me and frowned, “Who exactly are you?”

“The girl is fine now, but your behavior was so bad that I came to buy yellow sand from you in order to teach you a lesson. But you didn’t wait for me. I was in a good mood that day, so I wanted to forget about it since the girl was fine in the end. But when I thought it over, I realized that there will be a lot of young girls eating here. If you always try to start trouble with me, then maybe when you drink too much and start to fancy one of my customers again, my farmhouse will become the place that planted the evil seed. So—” I looked at him, “Unfortunately, I can’t kill you directly.”

The sandpit boss laughed. He was very relaxed at this time, which made me angry, “That’s right, you can’t kill me. I haven’t done anything yet, so you can’t do anything to me. But you’re right. I won’t let you go. When you’re the most relaxed, I’ll come to trouble you. I don’t believe you can be vigilant for the rest of your life, Boss Wu. I’ll be very happy if I can annoy you to death. I know that you city people are here to relax, but I can’t let you do that. You can either leave this place or spend some time with me. I’m going to really enjoy it.”

“So, I changed my mind and led you to our house.” I finished my last sip of beer. “I figured I’d let my friend scare you and see if you’re the kind of person who will restrain themselves once you’re scared, but it looks like you’re not. Ah, man. You’re a real bastard. I invited you to dinner today just to reconfirm it.”

The sandpit boss laughed as if I were complimenting him. “That girl, if she didn’t fall into the crack in the ground that day, would you have touched her?” I asked him.

“That small waist…” the sandpit boss laughed. “I won’t say it. I don’t know if you’re recording or not. If I do say it, I’ll be guilty. But I can tell you that I liked her waist. If she was my girl, I’d come up from behind her and use both hands to pinch her waist.”

I watched as he stood up, made an obscene gesture, and then walked out, “I fucking thought you were going to do something. Such a waste of my time. Let’s play slowly, Boss Wu.”

He got back in his car, but before he turned it on, he suddenly started screaming. I took a few bites of food and smiled. I had asked Fatty to put a withered corpse from the Republic Era in his passenger seat just now. It had been found in a cave during our mountain patrol. It was well preserved, but had no value. It should have been cremated after we notified the proper authorities, but I didn’t have the budget for it.

The sandpit boss’s hair was standing on end as he rushed out of his car and looked at it.

I crossed my legs and looked at him. I also enjoyed this kind of thing, so from today on, he would find wonderful gifts around him every morning when he woke up.

If you had trouble sleeping, you’d soon fall into fatigue from insomnia. And once you lost sleep, you were more likely to turn over a new leaf.

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Wu Xie might have controlled himself, but I’m still at this stage:

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