“Restart: Sound of the Providence” OST Lyrics

Yvette Note: Not sure whether this song got approved by the author and then become the book’s official theme song, or it was intended to be the official song from the very beginning. But it’s essentially the most praised song in the fandom for “Restart” and everyone knows how to sing it. I’m naming it “Not Turning it Down” in reflection of the OST “Rang Jiu” from Sand Sea (drama). “Rang Jiu (让酒)” means “to turn down a drink”, and here “Bu Rang(不让)” is, in turn, is a response to “Rang Jiu” and it means “Not turning down the drink”. Usually, all DMBJ adaptations are considered separate from the book. But because “Rang Jiu” is too well written and everyone liked it, “Bu Rang” was written as a sequel to it. “Rang Jiu” describes the Wu Xie in “Sand Sea”. He must turn down all the drinks and constantly stay sober to fight with the Wang Clan. “Not turning it down” describes the Wu Xie after “Sand Sea”. He doesn’t have to turn down the drinks anymore, because Xiaoge (aka Little Brother) has returned.


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Not Turning it Down

Lyrics: Vagary
Record Producer:五音Jw
Electric guitar:小E
Record Label:聆云音乐

Song Description:

Taking the main storyline from “The Sound of the Providence”, the song begins from the period when Wu Xie’s peaceful life in Rain Village was broken. From Wu Xie’s perspective, it talks about the sincerity, sympathy, and deep relationship between the Iron Triangle in “DMBJ: Restart”. It’s our bosom friends who are the most trustworthy gods in this vast world.


You still deserve them. Among the wonders of the world and the nothingness of time, you deserve to live the most worthwhile life with the most magical and profound friends.  

“The past will always come back to haunt you.” 

Because I’m proud of you, so I won’t turn it down until death. 


Easily he fell into a trance when alone in silence
He was used to the smell of the dense rain
In desolation, the false innocent was protected

A chair, a lamp
He listened to the wind coming from the bamboo village
While the old skin warmed up the same soul

The residual temperature of the bloody past remained in his hands
Recalling the ruthlessness to others and himself was still depressing

But now he could relax and get drunk for half a day
Gladly he wasn’t alone

He coughed up full of uncertainty, but he held out against his crashing body
How did he withstand everything? He was entangled at the end of the rope

Thunder pushed the waves forward and buried the vastness of the sea
In the coldness of the world,
He fought for a lifetime of warmth and a majestic friendship

He had climbed to the top and fell into the abyss
He had listened to the silence and drawn into the same conspiracy

Instead of asking the immoral Qilin whether it understood life
He might as well just clench its hands tight

Hardship came endlessly at him, big lies awaited him from the start to the end
Deep inside the vast cloud recesses how much greed was restrained?

The life hook dipped back into the blood, he stubbornly sailed against the current
Now restarted, he wouldn’t give up or look back until the end

He once suffered setbacks, but regardless of death or immortality,
He wouldn’t turn it down anymore
Because the faith he believed in had the most familiar face,
And the look of his blood brother

The distant fate was ungrateful to the innocent
The sea of casualty fought with the absurdity
But everything was worth it
Because he had a clean conscience in the face of impermanence


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Translated by: Yvette

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