Chapter 1 Notes in Rain Village

The sun was shining. I planned to buy a piece of land today. I found an oil boss who used to rent more than ten acres of land here. He used to park his fuel tanker on the land before he switched jobs. Those ten acres of land were useless and inexpensive, so the rent was only about twenty-five thousand yuan a year.

The fly in the ointment was that there was a cemetery behind this land. It belonged to a nearby town, so it was difficult to communicate with them.

Fatty said that this cemetery was suitable for planting sweet potatoes, but I didn’t know what kind of logic he was using to reach that conclusion.

My plan was to build a farmhouse (1). Why? Because Fatty’s cooking was getting better and better and I thought it was a waste for just the three of us to enjoy it. Plus, I had too much time on my hands once I was free. I had been doing research on the Zhang family, so now I was considered an expert on them. The price was that my pelvis now leaned forward a little. I really needed to work on improving my posture.

There were rivers and ponds beside this land, where ducks and geese could be raised. The local elders who watched the fields had actually raised a few themselves. The geese were a very dark color and had grown very big.

When one goose in particular approached me, I realized that it was really too big. Considering how it almost reached my chest, it might as well become a goose spirit (2).

The big black goose was really intimidating, so I took a step back and looked at Poker-Face beside me.

Poker-Face had been standing there dazed the whole time, but when the goose came up to him, he turned to look at it.

The goose looked at him and he looked at the goose.

The goose suddenly spread its wings, turned, and ran until it lifted itself into the air and flew away.

I suddenly realized that I was wrong and it had been a black swan.

“There’s a swan farm near here. Some escape and mix in with my ducks every day when I feed them so that they can get free food,” an auntie said.

“Do you think it looks like Little Brother?” Fatty asked me.

“You mean it’s trying to get free food like Little Brother?” I teased him.

“I mean how Little Brother is slender and elegant.”

I turned my head and saw that the auntie had moved a stool over for Poker-Face to sit down and given him some oranges. Then, she introduced her daughter and niece to him.

“I think this farmhouse can make some money.”

“I think so, too.” Fatty looked at the vegetable field on the side, “So we’re doing this?”

“We’re doing it. We only need an investment of less than a hundred thousand.”

“So I cook, you collect the money, and what does Little Brother do?”

“Deliver food, wash dishes, and take orders.”


I had a hunch that my food empire would start from here.

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TN Notes:

(1) Farmhouse here refers to an agritourism business, which involves any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm or ranch. It generates supplemental income for the owner. Examples: farmer’s markets, wine tours, cider houses, and corn mazes.  

(2) Per Tiffany: In Chinese legends, animals or plants might become something with human-like intelligence or appear in human forms if they are influenced by special environments. People will call them “Spirits”. It is similar to the idea that humans can practice and become “immortals (仙)”.


I found some AMAZING pictures (in my opinion) online so I’ll post one per chapter for your viewing pleasure. Credit to the artist(s) should be in the watermark at the bottom of the pictures. Also, since “Notes in Rain Village” is about 30 chapters long, I plan on making a new page on Novel Updates. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up

17 thoughts on “Chapter 1 Notes in Rain Village

    1. I don’t know, sounds like poor Poker-face is going to be worked like a slave and he doesn’t even know it yet 😂. What Wu Xie doesn’t realize is that he might just disappear in the middle of an order or something 😂

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  1. So thus is where the “food empire” start… so i think chronologically this probably go before reboot 🤔


      1. thank you… It confuses me because since they move to rain village the always talk about a restaurant or something similar where fatty cook


  2. Umm.. Quick question this in the series right ? The renounce thing ? If so where do you recommend I stray from. I don’t wanna repeat all that again, so…
    Xiexie jiejie (^_^)


  3. Finally I’m here, I was so curious about their life in this village.
    fortunately, the swan ran away out of fear of Xiao Ge, otherwise it would have ended up like me running away from a goose that was following me.😅
    “Auntie had moved a stool over for Poker-Face to sit down and given him some oranges. Then, she introduced her daughter and niece to him.” If I’m not mistaken, she must be the same neighbor who keeps arguing with Wu Xie. When I read this sentence, I think I understood the main reason for their fight. 😄


  4. Just finished mystic nine… So I’m ready for the iron triangle… I missed them so much! I feel deep in my heart that this is what I need. First episode and I’m already loving it!

    Thank you so much as always for the translation ❤️


  5. While I‘m waiting for Heavenely Palace, I‘ve decided to read this first (I intended to read in order but then it‘ll be ages until I arrive here. I already know I‘m going to love it and the first chapter did not disappoint. Thank you so much for making this available for us.


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