Chapter 21

When Ah Tou saw Liang Yanyan stand up again, she had a familiar feeling. 

Ah Tou had been very sensitive to body shapes and very confident in her own feelings since she was a child. She looked at Liang Yanyan and suddenly felt that the other woman had become someone she knew. 

But she didn’t feel curiosity at that time, only fear. Ah Tou suddenly felt that the person in front of her was a little frightening.

Liang Yanyan stood there for a long time before looking back at Ah Tou.

Ah Tou immediately felt as if the person in front of her had become the same thing as the long man, because they both exuded the same aura. 

Liang Yanyan glanced back at Ah Tou before walking towards her, grabbing her arm, and looking at her tattoos.

“Are you all right?”

Liang Yanyan saw that the tattoos had been reworked so much that they were no longer the same as when they had been on her back.

She put Ah Tou’s hand on her face, pressed her cheek up against the tattoo on the other woman’s arm, and said, “You made these patterns more beautiful.”

“To me, these are the foundation of my skin.”

“Indeed. People will definitely care about their own things. As do I.” Liang Yanyan smiled at her before dropping her hand, turning around, and walking up to the second floor.

Ah Tou stood there and watched because she didn’t know what to do.

Not following Liang Yanyan up the stairs was probably the most regrettable decision of her life. But everything that had happened before made her feel that the force upstairs was pitted against her. Plus, Liang Yanyan had repeatedly told her not to go up. As a result, Ah Tou followed Liang Yanyan’s rules and didn’t move. But it was also because of that decision that she didn’t see what happened next.

She had asked Liang Yanyan about it countless times later, but the other woman never told her. 

After Liang Yanyan went upstairs, everything returned to silence. It was only in that moment that Ah Tou realized that if Liang Yanyan didn’t come down, her situation would become even more difficult to deal with.

But things didn’t go as she had expected. Less than five minutes after Liang Yanyan went up, a loud bang came from the entire second floor and then all the glass shattered.

Ah Tou was knocked down on the sofa, her ears buzzing loudly. Then, she immediately saw the sky outside began to light up. It’s extremely difficult to describe the feeling of seeing the sudden switch from hazy weather to a beautiful day. It was as if nothing had happened. All of the bad, dark, and terrible things were gone in an instant. 

Then, Liang Yanyan walked down from the second floor. The sun outside was streaming into the house, lighting up the whole room and world. Countless sounds came from all around; it was the busy sound of worldliness. Ah Tou even saw sparrows flying across the sky outside.

We’re back? Ah Tou thought to herself. What happened?

All of the window glass was shattered, as if there had been a huge explosion on the second floor of the house.

Liang Yanyan sat beside the dumbfounded Ah Tou, lit a cigarette, and then patted her hair.

Ah Tou looked at her, on the verge of smiling.

“Don’t be too happy just yet. It hasn’t completely ended,” Liang Yanyan said. “I’ll have to trouble you to call an ambulance.” 

Liang Yanyan looked at the blue sky outside as she spoke. Then, she slowly closed her eyes to rest. 

When the explosion happened, Xie Yuchen was driving silently. The fake Ah Tou and Liang Yanyan were sitting in the back seat and kept asking him questions nonstop, but he didn’t say a word. 

He just looked at the kitten from time to time. The kitten was looking at the back seat, but there was nothing reflected in its eyes. 

Xie Yuchen passed by Ah Tou’s house again and again, observing the lights in the house from afar. But he didn’t stop.

He knew that whatever decision he made now would be wrong, since he was already trapped in some sort of energy. 

This energy must have made use of the information in his brain to deceive him. That was why all the conversations between Ah Tou and Yanyan were only content he had heard before. He had an exceptional memory, so listening to these conversations made him extremely uncomfortable. 

Sometimes he wished he didn’t have such a good memory.

While he was thinking of countermeasures, the darkness in the sky suddenly dispersed and a blue sky appeared. A big truck suddenly appeared in front of him, so he quickly swerved. But the big truck still grazed him, which caused his car to flip and roll. Xie Yuchen grabbed the cat as the car spun around, and then the airbags deployed.

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