Chapter 16 Go Home—Funny Uncle

I looked at Black Glasses, because there was a reason for my analysis.

This happened during the time I went to Thunder City. After Black Glasses was hired by Uncle Two, his initial whereabouts became a mystery. But it was obviously a very important part of Uncle Two’s plan. This whole Thunder City affair was extremely difficult, especially when it came to the information Uncle Three left us there. That information revealed that there was a layer of events buried under the superficial logic.

While investigating this matter, we found that regrets were almost always the source of motivation for people. And among the people Uncle Two had hired, I found that he specially selected people with huge regrets in their hearts. Of course, I wondered who in this world didn’t have regrets, but not everyone was obsessed with them. Fatty wasn’t, so it was hard for him to be driven by obsession.

What was Black Glasses’ regret? Did he even have a huge obsession? What kind of existence was his eye disease in his heart? I didn’t think a man would let himself go blind, even if he had already prepared himself for it. Black Glasses told me that if he became completely blind, his situation would become very difficult. This kind of hardship was beyond my imagination.

“I did it for the money, not to cure my eyes.” Black Glasses denied my theory. “Alleviating regrets is your Wu family’s trademark. Don’t lump me in with you.”

“Just tell me if I’m right,” I said as I looked at Black Glasses. I had seen the Extreme Sea monument for the first time in the Taoist temple in Yangjia Village. Later, I learned about the Extreme Sea’s underground river from the murals in the South Sea King’s tomb. If the area beneath Mute Village was connected with the Extreme Sea, then there would be traces of the Extreme Sea monument there.

He nodded. “What you said is generally accurate.”

“Then, according to my understanding of your character, you’ll start working on the thing on Chuchu’s back.”

“You know what I’ll do?”

“I have a general idea,” I said.

Black Glasses silently looked at the words on the stone monument. The territory of this South Sea country was completely different from any territory aboveground. The underground city that developed along the tributaries may even show up as a huge feather-like figure throughout all of Asia’s underground. Without a map, Wu Erbai couldn’t find anything in the underground river system, even if they did find more entrances and more Extreme Sea monuments.

But why would a village be guarding the Extreme Sea monument in this place? Based on our previous analysis of the information, when the ancestors of the village arrived here, it was still a primitive jungle. Whether they were troops of the South Sea country or rebels, they fled here along the underground river, found an exit leading aboveground, and then flourished here. But that wasn’t right. If that were the case, then this exit should’ve been destroyed instead of erecting a monument and temple over it. There weren’t enough clues.

Black Glasses pulled himself from his thoughts and looked around to see how the villagers went down the cliff to fish. He went over to the edge of the cliff and looked down, wondering whether there were stairs or lifting ropes somewhere. Chuchu also cautiously walked over—she seemed a little afraid of heights—and signed at him: “Are you going down?”

Black Glasses looked at Chuchu and the black shadow behind her before suddenly asking, “Do you have anything else to say?” Chuchu stared blankly for a moment and Black Glasses realized that this sentence was a bit wrong. He smiled, grabbed Chuchu’s neck, pulled her directly to the edge of the cliff, and pushed her down.

As Chuchu fell into the darkness below, Black Glasses took off his sunglasses. All of the structures in the darkness below instantly appeared as clear as day in his eyes. There were sun-dried fishing nets down there, but Chuchu couldn’t see them. Could the thing on her back see them?

As he watched Chuchu about to fall into a fishing net—she had fallen nearly thirty meters by this point—he suddenly felt a heavy weight on his back and a pressure on his neck. That familiar feeling from so many years ago had come back. This immortal thing couldn’t see anything in the dark and had returned to him when it thought that Chuchu was going to die.

A sense of relief floated up from the bottom of Black Glasses’ heart. He took off his clothes, bringing only a dagger and a flashlight with him. There was a piece of cosmetic rubber on his lower back that looked like skin, but actually contained a thin pair of spare sunglasses and some blades. He tore it off and stuck it on his thigh.

He couldn’t escape the rules of physics, so when it came to total darkness, he couldn’t see anything and still needed a dim light. He tore off the pendant he was carrying on his body and broke it. The substance inside produced a chemical reaction, which produced a weak phosphorescent light. He liked underground environments, because with his eyes, it was bright and everything was clear at a glance. This phosphorescence was enough.

On the ground in front of the Extreme Sea monument, he carved the following words: Go home—Funny Uncle.

Then, he took out a business card from his pocket. Black Glasses had printed business cards for all of us, which had something to do with his last investigation. If he wanted to send us any special message, he would cause trouble and leave a business card on purpose. Of course, most of the information on the business cards was fake.

He took Xie Yuhua’s business card and put it beside the engraved words. Then, he went to the edge of the cliff, chose a tiny gap between the fishing nets, and jumped down.

He skimmed past all of the fishing nets and fell directly into the underground river.

He was able to tell the depth of the river from the sounds of the water, but since it depended on the geographical environment, this wasn’t always this case. Despite the risk, he really didn’t care all that much.

Luckily, this wasn’t one of the exceptions and he fell into the cold underground river and surfaced. The thing on his back didn’t leave him, so the two of them followed the surging current into the depths of the underground river.

“It’s just us now,” Black Glasses said to the thing on the back of his neck.

In his eyes, the underground river scenery began to appear. He saw that the river was very deep and the volume of water was particularly large. He could even vaguely see underwater. There were the ruins of a lot of huge buildings on both sides of the riverbed and the water level here wasn’t that high.

He dove into the water, took out a capsule from the cosmetic rubber on his leg, and crushed it. Fluorescent powder entered the water and moved along the current with him. In his eyes, it was like countless fluorescent creatures were shining all at once, making the remains of the ancient buildings below very clear.

His irises reflected these lights like small galaxies—

“Stop,” Black Glasses turned his head and said to me. “It’s too cheesy.”

I ignored him and continued, “Then you saw the key result of this investigation: a statue in the water. Right?”

Black Glasses shook his head. “First of all, I secretly tied a rope around her before pushing her down. There weren’t any fishing nets below. Second of all, what I saw in the water was a row of figurines. They were weighed down with rocks and sunk into the water.”

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