Chapter 223 Countdown to the Finale 5

As I sat in the center of the huge bronze meteorite beneath Tamu-Tuo, looking at the Queen of the West’s corpse in front of me and thinking about what I had seen, I had to admit that how to spend one’s life was an interesting question. At that moment, I saw how a lot of people ended up spending their lives.

Uncle Three and Chen Wen-Jin continued to move forward, so I followed them. I was confused, so I made sure to listen to everything they said. The people who built the bronze door in the beginning were probably sleeping in this huge meteorite and came earlier than the Queen of the West. The Queen of the West founded her country here sometime later, using the technology left by these people to establish a huge ancient country that became a mysterious civilization on the Silk Road.

After a huge meteorite entered the atmosphere, the mother meteorite fell here, while many fragments fell across the country. King Mu of Zhou and Wang Zanghai entered the western regions twice, bringing the technology of processing this kind of meteorite back to the Central Plains, along with the legend of immortality.

I followed Uncle Three and Chen Wen-Jin until they separated. They must have discussed a lot of things between them earlier, but I hadn’t been listening too clearly because of the severe pain in my lungs. The final result appeared to be another separation.

The two people stood at both ends of the cave for a long time, just looking at each other. Then, Chen Wen-Jin turned and left, leaving Uncle Three to stand there silently for a long time.

I stood in between them, but it wasn’t like they could see me.

I had been wondering if there was a possibility that Uncle Three had been looking at the night sky alone in the attic over those long years, a glass of beer beside him and a fake Chen Wen-Jin across from him, a lingering fragrance on her body and her voice like silver bells as she looked at him. For countless days and nights, this Chen Wen-Jin accompanied him. His endless longing for her condensed into his lover’s appearance, which gradually deviated from the real Chen Wen-Jin who was in muddy Tamu-Tuo thousands of miles away.

That Chen Wen-Jin created from obsession had supported him up to this moment, but when he saw his true lover, he found that she didn’t need him. Years of wishful thinking had dissolved his faith, and he finally saw how ridiculous he had been over the years.

Uncle Three didn’t spend his whole life saving Chen Wen-Jin. Chen Wen-Jin had saved herself.

I would like to believe that Uncle Three had always loved Chen Wen-Jin, because when he left, I saw tears in his eyes. But he smiled.

And it wasn’t a wry smile, either.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing that you’re doing fine and staying strong. Although I know what I’ve done is useless, you no longer belong to me or love me. But it’s really good that you’re doing fine.

Uncle Three said that no matter how powerful a person was, they should always be ordinary in the face of love. This should also be the case when loving someone. He was very grateful to Chen Wen-Jin. When he fell in love back then, Uncle Three’s love was very humble. But Chen Wen-Jin told him that a lover who made you feel humble must not love you very much. You should neither worship or admire them, since you were both the other’s treasure.

To evaluate whether two people in love had a good relationship, you only needed to look at whether both of them became better after they fell in love. When people give to each other, they’ll surely make the other a better person. Uncle Three and Chen Wen-Jin achieved a lot with each other back then, so I figured they had a good love.

I really wanted to walk out of that cave with Uncle Three and give him a hug under the sun, but I couldn’t do it. All I could do was watch him standing there alone. When I looked back, I saw Chen Wen-Jin standing in the depths of the cave, watching him.

I stood in between them.

Everything around me slowly started to blur until it was hidden in the fog again. I saw all kinds of figures appear in the fog again, so I headed towards them.

There was a shadow of a huge bronze door just behind me. If I turned and walked towards it, it would only take about a dozen steps.

Whatever was behind the bronze door had to be related to Poker-Face’s “heavenly gift”. Did he enter the bronze door to get rid of the Zhang family’s curse? Or was there some other purpose I didn’t know about?

What was behind the door?

I turned to walk towards it, but suddenly stopped. I saw that there was another shadow much closer to me, which attracted my attention far more than the giant bronze door did. 

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ONE MORE, PEOPLE! (and then a postcript lol). I needed a tissue for this chapter. Poor Uncle Three and Chen Wen-Jin. That was sad 😦

3 thoughts on “Chapter 223 Countdown to the Finale 5

  1. Between Xiao Ge, Uncle Three, and all the others. It really seems like no one gets a happy ending. I’m happy we at least have the Iron Triangle. And that awesome reunion outside the bronze door after the 10 years.😭

    Liked by 1 person

  2. wenjin and sanxing lovestory is so hurtful… like usually i dont really like het ships because it’s too easy to just pair a man and a woman tgt just because they are a man and a woman…but THEM..; their relationship is so complicated and their lives so interwined, but at the end of the day they were nothing and they still are, even though they have great affection for each other. But theyve changed too much ;’D

    a far more interesting shadow 😀


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