Chapter 218 Amazing

I looked back at Fatty and thought to myself, what are you doing? Why do you have to act like a hooligan every time it’s a critical moment? Fatty immediately tore off the silk strip I was using as a belt, which caused my pants to fall down. Almost at the same time, the thunder shook the whole space and all of Boss Jiao’s team members looked up, the whites of their eyes showing. Off to the side, Boss Jiao stripped naked and lay back down.

“Let’s go!” Fatty picked me up, Poker-Face tore off my pants, and then Fatty rushed out of the hole.

As he made his way down the bronze reeds coiled around the wall, the Wang family members saw him and immediately took out their guns. Black Glasses—carrying Xiao Hua on his back—rushed down from the other side, the weight of two people directly slamming into the Wang family. The Wangs were instantly knocked to the ground, but the moment they tried to use their hands to turn over, all of their fingers were cut off by the reeds. Blood spurted out in an instant.

Several other Wangs raised their guns and aimed at Black Glasses, but I saw Poker-Face appear directly behind one of them. His hand stretched out from under the man’s armpit and hit him directly on the chin. As the man instantly fainted, his gun went off and a shower of sparks hit the bronze reeds. The Wangs on the side bowed their heads to avoid the accidental gunfire and then rushed at Poker-Face, using the butts of their guns as weapons.

I couldn’t see any more after that, because Fatty rushed directly to the ear-shaped sarcophagus. “What are you doing?!” I shouted at him.

Fatty threw me into the sarcophagus, tearing off the rest of my clothes at the same time. I found that the sarcophagus was full of a golden liquid. Fatty knocked on my knees until I knelt down in the sarcophagus and then pressed me into it.

Boss Jiao was lying in the sarcophagus, the whites of his eyes showing. I didn’t know what Fatty was trying to do, but he suddenly shouted at me, “Cover the hole in his head!”

I didn’t know what his intentions were, but I had no other choice but to do it. It seemed that he, Black Glasses, and Poker-Face had already discussed it. I touched Boss Jiao’s head and broke out in a cold sweat. His skull was full of holes like coal briquette (1), and there were so many that I couldn’t cover them all with my hands. The man was so obsessed with listening to thunder that there was no telling how many times he had operated on himself.

“Clothes!” I yelled at Fatty.

He was already fighting with the Wang family and shouted back, “You can’t wear clothes!”

I really didn’t understand.

As I looked around, the sounds of thunder from above would pass down from time to time. I noticed that the golden coffin liquid was decreasing like it was being absorbed by Boss Jiao.

“Don’t let him take all the liquid! Lie down!” Fatty shouted.

I had to lie down and try to cover Boss Jiao’s head as much as possible. The golden coffin liquid was very cold, and I felt as if countless tiny bugs were drilling into my skin, which was surprisingly comfortable. When I lay down on my back, I found that I could float on the coffin liquid and look up at the darkness above, where a huge black eye seemed to be staring at me.

I slowly descended into a nightmare state, all of my attention focused on that huge black thing. All of the sounds around me disappeared, leaving only a burst of thunder. I was surprised to find that I had a memory of this thunder.

It was the thunder I heard in Hangzhou before.

As the bronze reeds conducted the thunder’s sound, it seemed as if there were whispers hidden deep in the thunder.

The blackness in front of me was getting deeper and deeper, and I found that the people and tower walls around me were gone. I was suddenly surrounded by fog. I sat up and saw that the fog was full of lightning, as if I had entered the dark clouds. I turned my head and saw Boss Jiao starting to sit up.

He completely ignored me, his expression full of excitement.

“I’m back again.”

“Back where?” I asked him.

“When I listened to the thunder a few decades ago, I ended up here. At that time, I came together with your Uncle Three,” Boss Jiao said as he fully sat up.

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TN Notes:

(1) Used for cooking and home heating. Info here. Pic here:

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    1. Are you talking about the briquettes like skull or the image of him and our sweet Wu Xie naked in one coffin? Because hell, both are disturbed me.

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