Chapter 207

They had finally caught up to us. The time we had gambled for was reduced to a mere five-hour advantage in the face of their strength. Only five hours. I didn’t know which tower they came down from, but all four towers would eventually lead here.

Moreover, I had no idea if the people waiting above had been discovered.

I knew this moment would eventually come, but I actually felt a little relieved now that Boss Jiao had caught up. I couldn’t help thinking that this place was suddenly popular, and I had the sudden urge to open a bottle of beer and wait for them to come for a barbeque.

Fatty looked up and whispered to me, “They won’t be able to catch up with us for a while. Is there any way to know if Big Hua came down together with them?”

“With his personality, if he has key information in his hand that he knows is dangerous for us, then he’ll come down. But if he thinks that Boss Jiao is just a weakling who’s waiting to be slaughtered by us, then he must be playing on his phone up top,” I said.

Xiao Hua didn’t know our secret code, which had me feeling a little regretful. But it wasn’t like our code had a system. Even if I wanted to teach him, I could only do it by hand. But with how busy he was, it would be strange if he had time to learn it.

I looked around. It was obvious that Boss Jiao had a master in his team and they were all well-equipped. And the fact that he could tease me from up above meant that his team was in good condition. Based on my previous estimate, in addition to the ordinary guns they were carrying, he may have several automatic weapons at hand. No matter how powerful and amazing we were, thirty bullets shot from an AK above us would definitely kill us in an instant. Probably the only way to survive was to jump from here and hope that there was another hot spring below.

There was absolutely no possibility of a big ambush here, so these five hours would be a timed race between life and death.

Fatty looked at my expression and reminded me, “Mr. Naïve, they have enough ropes, so they’ll probably descend quickly. We only have thirty minutes at most. Let’s go quickly. There’s still a glimmer of hope in the end.”

I cursed in my heart, that’s the gap between rich and poor. I didn’t know that being poor was such a terrifying thing. It turns out that you still need to have some money when someone wants to fight you.

I looked down below, but couldn’t fool myself. Even if we reached the bottom by the time those thirty minutes were up, we didn’t stand a chance of winning. I looked up above. At the fifteen minute mark, their cold fireworks would probably fall and it would be time for us to run for our lives. At this time, I noticed the back of the stone beams.

If Boss Jiao’s team descended quickly, they definitely wouldn’t come down step by step. If we could somehow affix ourselves to the back of the stone beams, they might just pass by us in an instant (unless they looked at the beams one by one). That way, we would fall behind them and gain a huge advantage. If we were truly despicable, we could even cut their ropes.

When I told Fatty what I thought, Black Glasses looked at the stone beams and said happily. “You and I will be fine, but Fatty can’t hide like this.”

Fatty looked at the opposite side, pointed his flashlight over there, and then said to us, “I can go to the other side.” Based on our previous analysis, there should be a huge Buddha statue on the opposite stone wall. The Buddha statue on this level probably had a structure similar to the ones on the outer pagoda, but it might not necessarily be Buddhist. The flashlight only illuminated one part of it, revealing a bit of decorative pattern that I wasn’t familiar with. It appeared to be made of human skin. “Do you think it’s possible for us to hide inside of these statues. Wouldn’t that also be a great approach?”

“The question is: How do you get over there?”

Fatty patted his bag, “I have Kan Jian’s parachute. There are some big holes in it, but it’s enough to get me over there.”

“Then how do you plan on getting back?”

Fatty patted his safety hook, “We don’t have a rope, but we still have hooks. When they descend quickly, I’ll jump on one of their ropes. The tower isn’t that wide, so no matter where they come down from, I should be able to glide over and reach it.”

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Hmmm if Fatty has the parachute, seems like this “restart” didn’t go as far back as some of us were thinking.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 207

  1. That’s what I was thinking. Perhaps, the author holding some details to share later. We are still not told what happened to kan Jian and others


  2. At least now we know the people that we thought fanishing is waiting above the ground. The adventure in the forest is still relevant.
    Maybe the author just got stuck and jump a time wormhole to after they rescue fatty and team and let us filling the gap ourselves. Not that this is the first.


  3. In my mind, Fatty looks almost like this picture of “dune” movie actor, Jason Momoa.
    I think it was from Indonesia Wikipedia.(If anyone is curious, search with this phrase, Jason Momoa Wikipedia)


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