Chapter 206

Well, calling it a musical instrument might’ve been a bit much, but the top of the metal tower, coupled with the different floor heights, was definitely a deliberate and costly project. Now it seemed that there was a good reason for it.

I couldn’t help but find myself admiring their faith. Although the Jin Tong Sect once had its own capital—it was said that the garden pavilions and kiosks were built just like those in Penglai (1), they practiced alchemy for such a long time that smoke lingered in the valley, and it was one of the few cults whose leaders built their tombs with the same specifications of imperial tombs—this kind of building couldn’t be built without the complementary geographical characteristics and the support of national power. It was incredible that they could do it.

Based on the freewheeling architecture, it was a far cry from a common religious symbol. It appeared that expending every effort to achieve this level actually had a practical use.

As we continued to go down, it seemed that I had inspired Black Glasses with what I had said just now. He had obviously thought of something, but wasn’t sure of it yet. He just kept knocking and tapping on the wall, so I asked him what he was doing. “If it really is related to sound transmission, then this structure is insufficient,” he said. “The thunder above enters the middle part and causes the reeds to vibrate. After that, the sound of all the reeds will weakly be transmitted down. If the structure below is too long, then we basically won’t hear anything when it reaches our position. At this distance, the sound must be transmitted through metal. In other words, if the sound of all the reeds above is to be transmitted to the bottom of this level, it can’t only rely on this cavity. It should also rely on—”

He looked at the stone wall. “There must be crevices behind these walls that the metal reeds are covering. They probably go round and round”—he used his fingers to make a circle and then used his other finger to circled around it—”in a giant circle around this tower. That way, not only will the sound be transmitted, but the resonance will be transmitted as well.”

He looked below, “If I’ve guessed correctly, there should be a place to listen to the thunder. This is a complete thunder-listening device. The four towers above will eventually converge into this main tower, allowing all the thunder sounds to gather here.”

I swallowed. Had Uncle Three been here, too? He had asked me to check the secrets in the thunder, which seemed to be just around the corner.

The further down we went, the more gaps appeared in the middle of the stone beams. Sometimes there were six or seven stairs with gaps in the middle of them, so we’d have to take a leap of faith. Every time was extremely thrilling, but the three of them almost always caught me.

My lungs were becoming more and more painful, but I tried hard to focus on the present. I was still scared and felt that my life was passing quickly, but my attention returned to my feet.

After walking down for more than three hours, we still didn’t see the bottom of this huge pagoda cavity. It almost felt as if this huge abyss was staring right at me. When we were hesitating on whether to continue or not, we suddenly heard some dull sounds coming from up above. It was like a swarm of flying insects was rushing down in the wall.

This sound really was rushing down, because I could clearly feel the exact moment when it passed by us and rushed towards the bottom of the tower.

The sound was just like dominoes clacking together. As a bunch of echoes spread throughout the tower cavity, I realized that someone was talking.

I thought it was the thunder at first, but as the sounds came in waves, we listened carefully and found that someone was speaking. And this speaker was calling my name.

“Wu Xie~Wu Xie~”

As we all looked at each other, Black Glasses frowned and listened very carefully before saying, “It’s Boss Jiao. His men have arrived. They’re up top.”

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TN Notes:

(1) One of three fabled islands in Eastern sea, abode of immortals (i.e., fairyland)


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