Chapter 203

We got up, carefully poked our heads over the side, and saw that the water in the spring had dropped to the bottom. I turned over and lay down, cursing in my heart.

After living for so many years, I finally had the idea of giving up just now. It wasn’t the kind of indifference that came from staying in Rain Village, but the real urge to escape after encountering so many difficulties. I just wanted to close my eyes and endure the humiliation, but as soon as I stopped moving forward, the path suddenly opened by itself.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

At that moment, I almost wanted to cry. It was impossible to escape. Sometimes I couldn’t let go, while other times I wanted to, but the universe wouldn’t let me. I looked up at the darkness overhead and wondered if I could turn a blind eye. The top of the tower was all black. I couldn’t see anything at all.

Fatty was quickly taking stock of what equipment we had left. “Fatty, can you stop for a moment and let me catch my breath?” I yelled at him.

“Whenever you do something, you obviously have to do it in one go without stopping,” Fatty said from the side. “If you keep trying, it’ll pay off when things reach a critical point. But if you stop trying, then there’s a chance there won’t be any more progress.”

Of course, I knew he was right.

When I pulled myself up, I saw that Black Glasses and Poker-Face were already ready. I waved my hand at them. At this time, my lungs— which hadn’t been bothering me for a while now—suddenly began to spasm hard. Then, I started coughing violently.

I coughed so hard that I thought my eyeballs were going to pop out. After a full ten minutes of nonstop coughing, my exhausted body could only twitch.

As Fatty slapped me wildly on the back, I started to cough up something from my lungs. I didn’t know what it was, but it felt just like cotton wool.

I kept coughing.

Once my spasming lungs had calmed down, I sat practically limp on the ground. I looked at the cotton wool thing and touched it with my hand. “What is it? My śarīra (1)?”

“It’s a Qilin blood clot,” Poker-Face said from the side. “You ingested it many years ago.”

All three of them looked at me like they were looking at a dying man. I waved my hand, smiled bitterly in my heart, and focused on breathing, only to find that the humid air entering my lungs felt very painful and it hurt any time I took a breath. It’ll be fine if I give it a minute, I said to myself. But even though I tried to breathe carefully, it still felt very painful.

Fatty wanted to help me up, but I couldn’t get up anymore.

At this time, I looked at their eyes and knew that something was wrong.

For a moment, I even felt that this whole thing was a hoax. They were so anxious to move on. Was it because I was going to die and they actually wanted to save me?

Was Thunder City actually the key to saving me?

Were they afraid that I wouldn’t seek medical treatment, so they used this method to lure me to Thunder City? After all, when you come to Thunder City, you’ll encounter great dangers and make those around you suffer.

No, that’s not right. It doesn’t make sense. But why are they in such a hurry? They’re more anxious than me. Sure enough, many things could only be seen clearly after you slowed down. You had to look behind others to see the whole picture.

At this time, I felt as if I had too many thoughts flying through my head. I wanted to stand up, but found that I really couldn’t. Fatty moved to pull me up, “Come on, Mr. Naïve! There must be a good ending!”

I waved my hand and then grabbed Fatty’s hand. “Wait a minute, Fatty. I have to say something first.”


“Just trust me. I have something to say,” I said to him. “You have to say something, too. We all have to pour our hearts out here.”

Fatty shouted, “There’s no time! Little Brother’s seen—”

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TN Notes:

(1) Generic term referring to Buddhist relics, although in common usage it usually refers to pearl or crystal-like bead-shaped objects that are purportedly found among the cremated ashes of Buddhist spiritual masters. Info here.


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