Chapter 201 A Task Is Not Done Until It’s Done

It wasn’t that I had never fallen into water from a high place before, but this time, I fell directly on the child corpses. Although it was better than falling on cement or rocks, it still felt like I was hit head-on by a car. Fortunately, the tanned animal carcass dropped before me and pushed the child corpses away. I didn’t land headfirst in the water; otherwise, my facial bones would’ve definitely been shattered.

I didn’t know where my flashlight had gone when I fell into the water, but Poker-Face’s cold firework was almost right in front of my eyes. I grabbed it and found that there were lumps on the skins of the child corpses that were all around me. There seemed to be something inside the skin that was constantly gnawing on the flesh. I immediately used the cold firework to check my hands and found that they were fine.

While I was still in a state of shock, I found that the dirt was disintegrating rapidly in the hot spring’s water, and there were many small things that looked like cocoons or shells inside. Once they were freed from the dirt, they instantly swarmed the child corpses.

The corpses shrank rapidly as the flesh was eaten up, leaving only a layer of skin. At this time, I saw a giant corpse wearing golden armor at the core of these child corpses. It was about two meters tall and was floating in the water. When I looked closely, I saw that all of the silk and satin strips that were tied to the child corpses actually led to the giant golden armored corpse’s navel. They almost looked like hundreds of umbilical cords. I also saw two words on the giant corpse’s golden breastplate: Daolu General (1).

The child corpses all around me were shrinking rapidly, completely revealing the face of that giant golden armored corpse. I could see clearly now that the huge animal carcass from above was actually a horse.

So, these were the corpses of a Jin Tong Sect general and his horse. The horse was placed in the bell above, while the general was sunk into the pool below.

I didn’t know where I got the courage—maybe my brain broke when I fell into the water—but I moved the cold firework towards the giant golden armored corpse’s face, wanting to see what it looked like. At this time, someone suddenly fell into the water, grabbed my neck, and started swimming to shore. I was so frightened that I accidentally dropped the cold firework.

As I was pulled to shore, I noticed that the giant corpse’s golden armor quickly oxidized under the cold firework and turned the dull color of tile.

Poker-Face was the one who had grabbed me, and as he dragged me up out of the water, Black Glasses jumped down and landed on the shore. He was just about to say something to me when a huge black claw suddenly stretched out from the pool and dragged him into the water.

As his glasses flew up and landed at my feet, Poker-Face said in my ear, “Go up!”

He then drew his knife and rushed into the water, but it was so muddy that I couldn’t see what was going on clearly. I hesitated for a moment, feeling like this wasn’t a fight middle-aged people could participate in. I figured it was useless for me to try and persuade them to stop fighting, so I started to make my escape. But just after I got up, Black Glasses was directly thrown out of the water and suddenly hit me. He and I smacked into the tower wall together, the impact enough to leave us dazed for a moment.

He pulled me up. At this time, there were only flashlights and the cold firework in the water, and his eyes couldn’t see clearly because of the mixture of strong and weak light.

He covered his eyes with his arm and shouted at me, “Get all the cold fireworks out!”

I knew he wanted to give Poker-Face enough light, so I immediately pulled out all the cold fireworks he and I were carrying. Once they were lit, I threw them into the hot spring. As all four fell in a row, I realized that that the water was too turbulent to see what was going on below. At this time, something suddenly came flying out of the water and latched onto me.

When I looked at it, I saw that it was a child corpse. It was hugging me like it was alive, and then it dragged me into the water.

I swallowed two mouthfuls of hot spring child corpse soup before I was able to surface again. When I did, I suddenly saw the golden armored general’s huge face right in front of me. His facial features had been painted on with bright colors, which I hadn’t been able to see clearly under his helmet before. This giant corpse’s face started to lean towards me, but at this time, Fatty suddenly fell from the sky and sat on him.

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TN Notes:

(1) I left the pinyin for the 1st word since “Road General” sounds kind of dumb lol.


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  1. Lol when you haven’t finished a recap and a post comes up with the title “A Task is not done until it’s done.” I feel like the universe is telling me to finish my post…


    1. 😂 I was surprised there was actually a chapter title this time. I almost skipped over it before I realized it was there 😂. The universe must’ve been telling me to pass on the message to you 😂

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    1. Ohhhh I forgot about that dude 🤔 I was debating on whether we could consider this a zombie (you know Wu Xie’s constitution lol) or if it was those shell things from the South Sea King’s tomb 🤔

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