Chapter 200

The stench made me cough almost immediately. It wasn’t the rancid smell of fresh corpses, but more like the huge stink caused by old mold. Fatty smelled it from outside at almost the exact same moment and started cursing, “Shit, is this zombie’s sweaty foot sticking out?!” I wanted to retort, but I couldn’t even open my mouth. My eyes began to ache and I had to squint as I looked at the earthen clump with my flashlight.

There seemed to be a mass of tanned leather inside the clump, but I didn’t know what it was. The skin was dull and covered in short, moldy hairs.

I still wanted to take a closer look, but the smell was so horrendous that I could only use my flashlight to quickly continue smashing those copper poles.

Every time I hit them, the clump would continue cracking and fragments would keep falling down. It must’ve been these dirt fragments that were falling into the water earlier and made us look up. Fatty reminded me to get rid of the spells first; otherwise, it would limit the player’s performance. If the thing couldn’t beat whatever was in the water, then the show wouldn’t be as good.

I didn’t believe in spells at all, but I still loosened the silk satin and kept smashing. The stench inside was getting stronger and stronger, and I almost vomited. It really was like sweaty feet, but more like those sweaty feet were stuck inside my mouth. I was so dizzy that I couldn’t see anything inside the dirt clump clearly. Fatty shouted from outside, “Mr. Naïve! It’s a biochemical weapon! A biochemical weapon! Come out quickly, we can’t do it!”

I clenched my teeth and persisted until finally— with the help of the combined weight of the clump and supporting copper rods— the whole clump began to crack a lot. As chunks of the earthen clump kept falling, the leather inside was exposed more and more, revealing a strange animal carcass encased in dirt.

I tried to identify it carefully, but I couldn’t tell what it was. There was a lot of dirt on its head, but I could see that it was a huge thing that had been dead for a long time. Its skin had turned to leather and many places had rotted and worn away, leaving a lot of big holes. There was a layer of black mold on it that made it look like a giant black-haired zombie, but I knew it wasn’t.

This thing definitely wasn’t a zombie. Although it smelled terrible, it would never be a revived corpse. I relaxed and examined it some more. If things were like this, then it showed that the people who designed this place were actually just average, and the underwater thing may also be a fake ghost.

As I continued to knock on the bronze poles, I could finally see that they were actually stuck in this dead animals’ skin. But this thing was very heavy, so as long as I continued breaking some of the poles, gravity would take effect and the skin would eventually tear. At that point, the thing would fall down.

I clenched my teeth as snot and tears were running down my face. But at this time, I suddenly heard Poker-Face shouting from outside, “Wait a minute!”

It doesn’t matter if you can’t stand it anymore. Just bear with it, I thought to myself. Poker-Face lit a cold firework outside and threw it down.

When I looked through the gap, I saw the cold firework fall into the pool and sink into the water. At this time, I suddenly noticed that the water wasn’t the same as before.

I didn’t know when it had happened, but all the child corpses had floated up to the water’s surface. There were many strange bumps on them that were constantly increasing.

“What’s going on?” I heard Fatty ask.

“There’s something in the dirt,” Poker-Face said. “The dirt dissolved when it fell into the water, and that thing came alive. It’s drilling into the bodies and eating these children’s flesh.”

I really couldn’t see clearly from this distance, so I looked up at the remaining dirt. The only thing I saw was those white shell-like things. My heart thumped and I asked myself, so this huge smelly corpse isn’t the key? It’s actually the white shells in the dirt clump?

Poker-Face’s quiet voice came from just outside, “We were wrong, let’s go!” But before he had even finished speaking, the bell suddenly shuddered. The earthen clump in the middle couldn’t hold up under its own weight and finally tore off and fell, causing the whole bell to tremble. I gripped the edge hard, but at that moment, I found that the gold silk satin strip I had pulled off to make my belt hadn’t actually been torn off completely.

And it was still attached to my pants.

I was dragged into the air in an instant. Before I even had time to think, I had fallen into the water and smashed into those children’s corpses.

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Happy 200 chapters darlings! I was going to stop for the day on the last chapter but felt bad since that was a cliffhanger. Boy was I wrong lol. My cliffhanger senses must’ve honed in on this one instead hehehe. We’ve got about 200 pages to go overall and about 77 pages of Part 1 left (in case you guys were curious).

9 thoughts on “Chapter 200

  1. Good Job for making this far even though the author made a turnabout in his story. By the way just wandering after turn about is Wuxie still sick? Previously before that there was something wrong with his lungs right? Is his lungs still having issue?


    1. Yeah, he should still be sick. His lungs being messed up is such a huge thing in the book that I don’t think the author just tossed it out (and it was a key theme in the drama)


  2. Yaay 200! Thank you for getting us to this point! Much as NPSS enrages me with all his random stops and starts, at the end of every chapter I cannot WAIT to see what happens next 😊


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