The First Meeting 2

“I’m tired. Let’s take a break.” Old Dog Wu’s legs were shaking a little. He pointed to the flowerbed on the side of the road and asked Wu Yiqiong to help him walk over.

Once he sat down, Wu Yiqiong unbuttoned Old Dog Wu’s collar and then fanned him. “Dad, the weather is so hot. Aren’t you just torturing yourself when you decide to go out?”

“Cut the crap. I’m out here anyway,” Old Dog Wu became angry and said in the Changsha dialect, “Didn’t you know to check the weather forecast?”

“Fine. My bad. How about we go home and come here another day? It seems like there’s not a cloud in sight, so it’ll be scorching hot for a while. The air is also bad, which isn’t good for your health.”

“Can you stop talking nonsense? Can you think properly and make correct choices? If we get on the bus, isn’t it just as hot in there as it is outside?” Old Dog Wu shakily took out a wet towel and wiped the sweat off of himself.

Wu Yiqiong couldn’t help but sigh. He looked around and saw a shop up ahead that was under the shade of a tree. It appeared to have an air conditioner, so he said, “Let’s go there and look around. We’ll let the cool breeze blow over us and then we can take our time exploring.” With that said, he helped Old Dog Wu up.

Old Dog Wu sighed, “If you get to live to a thousand, you’ll know how annoying it is when you’re sweaty.”

When the two people came to the shop under the tree’s shade, the cold breeze made Old Dog Wu tremble. He felt too cold and a little dizzy, so he turned around and got ready to leave. At this time, he suddenly heard some sounds.

He turned around and saw a tiny German Shepherd in a cage in the shop’s window. The puppy was looking at him with an adorably silly expression on its face.

Old Dog Wu waved his hand, and Wu Yiqiong helped him walk over. The little German Shepherd stood up in the cage.

German Shepherds weren’t companion dogs, so they didn’t look likable when they were little. But this little German Shepherd looked very friendly and silly, which made people want to laugh upon seeing it.

“Brother Xiao Man. Little furry ball.” He looked at the puppy for a long time and felt really amused.

“Boss!” Old Dog Wu suddenly shouted, sounding quite spirited.

The middle-aged woman who had dozed off inside the shop was awakened in an instant and started cursing. But then she saw that someone wanted to buy something, so she immediately forced herself to smile. “Oh, you want this one? The puppy is fifty days old. Five hundred yuan.”

“Give her five hundred,” Old Dog Wu said to Wu Yiqiong. He then opened the cage and held Brother Xiao Man in his arms.

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Translated by: Tiffany X
Edited by: merebear226


One thought on “The First Meeting 2

  1. Those little furry ball grow up able to shred someone neck in one swoop.. but he still a majestic furry ball nontheless


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