Chapter 25 Zombie

Fatty looked at me. “What, did you think I came here with you?” He patted me: “I’ll leave you behind if you don’t hurry up.” With that said, he walked into the darkness and signaled me to keep up.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as I motioned Baishe to keep up—it was too risky for him to climb here alone. We’d have to advance and retreat together.

The three of us carefully walked into the darkness, dripping water along the way. Once we left the place with the skylight, the surroundings quickly became pitch black and I knew after only a dozen meters that it was impossible to keep exploring.

“We don’t know if these birds here are dead or alive, and if we use flashlights in the dark, then we’ll become targets.” Fatty said. “We just killed all their distant relatives yesterday, and now we shouldn’t sneak in to steal from them today. I do actually have a conscience.”

Plus, if we used our flashlights, the light would shine on the birds and cause unimaginable consequences. We thought about the problems and decided to withdraw first. I asked Fatty, “Do we have enough bullets to come back and sweep this place clean?”

Fatty sighed: “Killing the fathers and then the sons. Mr. Naive, you’ve become inhumane after so many years. I like it. But bullets will be the most inefficient way to kill them all. Let’s go out and kill your dog, mix some potassium cyanide in the meat, and then throw it in here. Make sure you never waste a bullet—”

“Don’t fucking touch my dog.” I said angrily. I knew he was joking, but those dogs understood people’s words and might secretly kill Fatty at night.

I was just about to turn around when Fatty suddenly grabbed me again.

“You’re getting old and starting to shiver, aren’t you?” I asked angrily.

“How am I old? You’re young, so young, yet your eyes are so bad?” Fatty looked into the darkness and motioned for me to look.

I squinted, but couldn’t see anything in the dark.

“Are you hallucinating?” I asked. Fatty pointed to the water with a flashlight. When I looked down, I saw a lot of small fish swimming in a dense pack between the cracks in the rock, heading for the darkness ahead of us.

“Those are spring fish, and there’s a fishy smell up ahead.” Fatty slowly moved the light in the direction the fish were swimming in and lifted it up.

The beam of light shot into the darkness, and I could vaguely see a humanoid figure standing on the distant beach, facing the rock.

I couldn’t see clearly from this distance and was just about to get closer, but Fatty grabbed me and took out a pair of binoculars. “New equipment.” He adjusted the focus and licked his lips. “Use it to look at the jade seller with long legs across from my shop. Even her hair—” He suddenly shut up and turned to look at me. I asked him what was wrong, but his jaw dropped and he couldn’t say anything.

After knowing him for so many years, Fatty has never been speechless, so I grabbed the binoculars and looked at where the flashlight was pointing.

I saw a naked old man standing upright in the darkness. His skin was purple and looked as dry as bark under the light, and I could see his hands hanging by his sides. His fingernails stretched down into the water.

“Grandpa Si?” My hands began to shake.

Although I had already guessed it, it was still shocking to actually see the dead body of an old acquaintance rigidly standing here after ten years.

“Zombie!” Fatty mouthed at me. “Stop reminiscing and run.”

“I want to see the front.” I said as I pointed to the water. We still had some oxygen left, so I was going to dive and see what was going on.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 25 Zombie

  1. Of course he’d be a zombie.

    I don’t know who to feel sorry for, Brother Xiao Man who could potentially end up as Fatty’s distraction, or Fatty for thinking the dog isn’t smart enough to take him out assassin style in the middle of the night. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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