Master Black Glasses Sequel: Wu Xie’s Island Adventure 8

Was eating bird vomit the most tragic thing in life? Not necessarily. The most tragic thing in life was that I was reluctant to eat bird vomit all at once.

At first, I had set my mind to doing something with the bird because I had hoped to have a feast of roasted bird. With the river mud and plant ash here, I was confident that I could have a very delicious barbecue.

But after the bird spit the fish out, it flew down and tried to swallow it back up. The fish hadn’t died completely yet, so it could still jump a few times.

I immediately panicked, and instinctively went to grab the fish, spreading myself over top of it. The bird saw such a behemoth like me pounce, and immediately jumped back and flew away.

I sat up. I still wasn’t very clear about what I had just done, but when I saw the fish covered in mud, the smell of fish soup instantly appeared in my mind.

I looked at the bird flying away, saw it flying very low and unstable, and suddenly realized that it might have eaten too much.  After being full, it couldn’t fly quickly and landed on the island, vomiting some of its food up.

What an extraordinary and kind bird! Such a tall, rich, and handsome bird!

If I had caught it, it may have spat out four or five more fish, and then I could have had a feast full of fish.

I didn’t have any knives, but the teeth of that crocodile specimen the girl had left behind were very sharp. I used its teeth to cut the fish, then gutted the fish and washed it in the lake water. Then I put it on the charcoal stove to start grilling.

The fish was very smelly without any seasoning, and even in my current hungry state, I still felt that it didn’t taste good. I ate it very reluctantly, and even though I didn’t feel full, I at least felt warm.

I dug a small pit by the lake and put the fish entrails in it before pressing it with stones. Then I used pebbles to form a small dam that was half underwater on the side, and left a hole so the crabs could come in.

I still believed there were crabs around here, it was just that the bait before hadn’t been strong enough.

At noon, my persistence was proven correct. The bird’s accidental landing had completely changed my situation, and I caught six crabs of varying sizes.

I dug a hole on the edge of the mound, moistened the mud, and kept the crabs in it, but there was a steady stream of them coming in from the dam. I had to widen the pit three times, and stored about half a trouser’s worth of water in it. After a total of more than thirty crabs, the fishy odor finally weakened.

I had an extra meal at noon and then grilled three crabs around two o’clock. After chewing and eating, I finally felt full.

It was the same in the afternoon. I tried to use the crab innards to catch more crabs, but it didn’t work. It seemed that I had to get a fish again, but now there were so many crab shells, crab feet, and fish bones that I believed it wouldn’t be too difficult.

I finally managed to tear apart the crocodile specimen and found sponges inside. I wanted to burn them, but after thinking about it, I decided to use them to warm myself. I held onto them as I fell into a deep sleep.

The sun was warm as I slept very soundly that the afternoon. After napping for four hours, my state was mostly restored. When I woke up, the sun was going down. I finally understood the meaning behind a lot of Black Glasses’ words.

In this current environment, I obviously should rest in the daytime and do activities in the evening. Even if there were no crocodiles at night, it was difficult for me to get a proper night’s rest.

It was better to achieve maximum rest during the day so that I could resist the cold and damp at night.

This was the first strategy I had come up with since coming to this island. This was what managing my own state meant.

I turned my head and stretched my body. Like clockwork, the “follower” was already by the lake. It was the only one left, and I felt like Thomas’ follower was a bit lonely. It really was hard to change things like living habits.

I wasn’t sure if the girl would come, but I was a man of my word. I twisted my arms and decided to deal with the reptile according to Black Glasses’ way of thinking.

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Tiffany’s note: This seems to be the end of the island adventure. Not sure if it was planned that way or the author just dropped it lol.


Translated by: Tiffany X
Edited by: merebear226


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