Chapter 3.10 Disrupt the Rhythm (Extra)

I limped in the direction the girl had gone in, thinking she wouldn’t be able to walk very fast. I didn’t know why, but as I was looking at the text, I felt a sense of comfort that I had finally been favored.

Sure enough, I took a few steps forward and saw the girl leaning against the wall more than a hundred meters away from me. She had obviously slowed down. The gas lamps in the corridor were relatively spaced out, and there was a dark area in between each one. I could see her walking in and out of the darkness, just like a mime.

I was also a little slow, and if it weren’t for the pain in my back, I was sure I could catch up with her.

I held my back and she held the wall, and us two disabled people continued our chase at a speed of three kilometers per hour. As I was getting closer and closer to her, I looked at my cell-phone and my thoughts began to wander.

In this world, I was probably the only one who could make such an in-depth analysis of such a sentence.

If it was anyone else, my first reaction when I read this sentence would be that Xiao Hua was under his control, and the kidnapper was using him as leverage to get me to participate in the game. Since my behavior had disrupted the rhythm of the game, he wanted to break my spirit.

I didn’t know why, but when I read this message, I had a very strange feeling.

If Xiao Hua was under his control, then normal people would say something like: “The only way to save him is to find me.”

But this sentence said: “Find me and I’ll tell you how to save him.”

This was the kind of sentence a third party would say when they were coldly watching things play out between A and B. “A” was trapped somewhere and the person who sent the text informed “B” that he knew the way to rescue him.

For some reason, I remembered that another person had also been trapped a long time ago.

Just now, he used that short message to tell the girl to leave me, so she had to know something. I decided to ignore it and go at my own pace. I had already messed up the whole game, so the harder I pushed, the more uncomfortable he would be. He would soon make mistakes as he tried to deal with any emergencies that occurred after the plan went out of control.

There was a turn up ahead. Just like the stairs, this corridor seemed to be a circular structure. As soon as I also turned the corner, a second text was sent.

“By the way, ‘he’ refers to your Zhang friend.”

I paused. This short message successfully froze me in place, and I immediately slowed down.

After reading it two or three more times, I realized that I wasn’t mistaken. The text had downplayed it, but it had mentioned the one person I didn’t want to talk about.

My hands were shaking. If the person who sent the text knew about Zhang Qiling, then he had to be an insider that had a deep understanding. Who was the other party? Was Seven Fingers also involved in these events?

If it was related to Little Brother, could this whole thing still be considered a coincidence? I recalled the situation when Xiao Hua had asked me to come and help him set up the warehouse. Xiao Hua would never create such a joke to entertain me. But judging from everything that had happened so far, it seemed that I was the protagonist of this incident, and it was all directed at me. If I had intervened by accident, I wouldn’t have been targeted like this.

“Who the hell are you?” I didn’t hold back and immediately responded to the text.

“I’m the only person in this world who knows how to save you.” The other party came back and said. “I’m not deeply involved, but I know the solution.”

I stopped completely and the other party sent another message: “Yes, a long time ago, I helped your Uncle Three design that basement.”

I was practically leaning against the wall as my heart suddenly sped up. I was afraid fewer people knew about this matter compared to Zhang Qiling’s, and I had never told anyone about it.

“You haven’t found the real use of that study yet.” The other party took the initiative to send another text. “If you find me, you can really save him.”

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 3.10 Disrupt the Rhythm (Extra)

  1. Wu Xie: you want to bait me with Xiao Hua safety to play your game? Ha! In your dream! I m gonna trash everything and makes you desperate
    Wu Xie: realize that it was poker face
    Wu Xie: …
    Wu Xie: proceed to froze and back to square one Mr naive

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