Master Black Glasses Sequel: Wu Xie’s Island Adventure 1

“I’m not messing with you. If I had wanted to stop teaching you, I would’ve given you an even weirder test.” Black Glasses was fanning the fire, which started to flare up in the small stove he had made out of stones.

They were surrounded by fields that had been barren for some time. There were knee-high weeds, some of which were yellow and dry, while others were lush. It was obviously the kind of ecosystem where some were quietly eliminated and others survived.

“The test you’ve given me is already weird enough,” I said as I helped add fuel to the fire.

The weeds were a bit wet, and it was so smoky that I couldn’t open my eyes.

“I’ll tell you a story.” He found a stone and sat down on it cross-legged. “I once had this sidekick who always wanted to learn something from me, but there was something wrong with his character. He liked to fight and show off. He was very stubborn, and insisted on learning from me, so I had no choice but to give him a difficult test.”

“What was it?”

“I told him to stay in a women’s bathroom for thirty days without being discovered. He couldn’t come out, and he had to eat, drink, and piss in the women’s bathroom.” Black Glasses took out a lollipop, held it in his mouth, and made a “tut tut” sound. “If he was able to complete the task, I would teach him, and introduce him to this business.”

I looked at Black Glasses and thought that he was joking. “You were clearly messing with him.”

“I created the test based on his problematic behaviors. He had issues, so he had to prove that he could achieve certain things despite them. He was too outgoing, and needed a lot of interaction. He couldn’t bear to stay still and be quiet. He liked to fight and show off, because he needed ways to keep venting the thoughts and emotions in his head.”

Black Glasses threw the lollipop into the fire. As the flames scorched the sugar, it started to smell of caramel and make a crackling sound.

“Based on his state at that time, he had to plan extremely carefully in order to stay in the women’s bathroom. This kind of thing should be instinctual. You need to know at any time how long you can live, how long you’ll be hungry, and how long your physical strength can last. How far can you rest this time? Of course, I didn’t want to teach him, so the test was very extreme.”

I touched my chin, thinking about what I would do if it were me.

There were two problems. First, a man hiding in the women’s bathroom was something that was completely impossible to do unless there was a hidden place where you could stay. But bathroom structures were often very simple and could be taken in at a glance. Second, even if he did manage to hide, it would be very awkward since he couldn’t bring thirty days’ worth of food with him. To sum it up, it would have been a distressing situation.

“Did he succeed?” I asked.

Black Glasses laughed and started to add firewood. “He stayed there for seven days. He bribed the man on duty and hid in a locker. He left the locker at night and slept during the day while the man on duty brought him food. When it came to the seventh day, however, he had eaten something bad the day before, and had unbearable stomach pain during the day. He broke out of the locker, and was caught and sent to the detention center.”

I nodded, and Black Glasses said with emotion, “If a person has to live in an extreme environment for thirty days, how many details must be paid attention to?”

The scent of buried sweet potatoes slowly started to mix with the caramel. Black Glasses looked at his watch, and continued to roast the sweet potatoes a little longer because the ground was wet. After that, he got up and walked to the lakeside before saying, “Good luck. It’s not that difficult. I’ll leave you to it.”

I guarded the stove where the two sweet potatoes were buried, and watched as he got on the boat and left this farming island that was surrounded by a huge lake.

With these two sweet potatoes, I needed to live here for thirty days so that I could pass the lesson.

The lake breeze blew, making me shudder. I immediately got up and shouted to him, “Is it too late to change to the women’s bathroom?”

He waved his hand and shouted from a distance, “You wish!”

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Translated by: Tiffany X
Edited by: merebear226


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      1. Well this is true. Hmm 🤔 I suppose if it’s training that will be used in life-and-death situations than he is the best, after Poker Face. Actually, I wonder how Poker Face might possibly try to train someone. What would THAT look like???


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