Master Black Glasses 3

In the end, Black Glasses picked a knife called Cold Steel Kukri for Wu Xie, which he forced him to carry around with him.

Black Glasses said that you needed to use weapons as if you were using your hands. If your knife suddenly disappeared one day, you would notice it immediately.

In addition, you needed to use your knife in any situation that required knives. Whether it was peeling apples or cutting vegetables, doing these things would help you understand the different aspects of your knife.

Finally, you needed to practice to a point where you wouldn’t be afraid of cutting yourself when you held the knife in your hands.

Just like the auntie in the meat stall who would rest one hand on the ribs on the chopping board while the other raised the knife to cut. She didn’t show a hint of fear as the knife chopped down against her fingers, because the knife was a part of her.

“Now, I’ll show how your joints hinder your movement.” Black Glasses came to stand behind Wu Xie. “Turn around and look at me.”

Wu Xie turned around and found that Black Glasses wasn’t behind him anymore. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that at the exact moment he turned, Black Glasses followed the direction of his movements and hid behind him.

This was the most basic prank children played.

Wu Xie reflexively turned around again, trying to follow Black Glasses’ movements, but he soon discovered that no matter how fast he turned, he couldn’t see him.

After turning three or four times, Wu Xie became dizzy and had to surrender. “You’re too agile.”

Black Glasses said, “If it was a little darker, you would only be able to hear the sound of my movements, and wouldn’t even know where I was. It’s not that my speed is too fast, but your speed is too slow.” He went to stand in front of Wu Xie and turned his back to him. “Now it’s your turn.”

Wu Xie thought it was very interesting. He moved his joints and said, “Go!” As soon as he finished speaking, he violently moved to the side and prepared to hide. He immediately saw Black Glasses turning to the left, so he instantly turned to the right. He took a step and then staggered back after seeing Black Glasses staring right back at him.

“My joints have a wide range of motion, so I don’t need to move my body. I can capture any movement you make just by turning my head.” Black Glasses began to move his shoulders. “So, for someone like you, the first thing you need to understand is that if you rely on your own eyes to confirm something, you’re dead. Before your own eyes can see what’s happening, you have to react first. This reaction depends on all the organs in your body feeling things at the same time.”

After that, Black Glasses stretched his hand from behind Wu Xie’s head and hit the other side of his head as quick as lightning.

Wu Xie yelled in pain, and reflexively looked in the opposite direction of Black Glasses, who immediately hit the other side of Wu Xie’s head that was now close to him.

“Wrong! Don’t use your eyes to confirm my whereabouts.” Black Glasses scolded.

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Translated by: Tiffany X
Edited by: merebear226


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