Chapter 76 Revealed

As expected, the man moved before Xie Yuchen’s knife could stab him.

His reaction speed was too fast, but Xie Yuchen clearly felt that this person wasn’t on the same level as Zhang Qiling, who he had fought before. Zhang Qiling hadn’t given him a chance to predict his next moves.

But even so, this person had at least twenty years of basic skills, and his reaction speed allowed him to judge how to move according to the situation. It was very dangerous to try to intercept the plunging knife just now, but the other party obviously felt that his speed gave him a chance to change mid-maneuver.

And there was more than one person.

Xie Yuchen couldn’t run. If he had wanted to run, he would have jumped out of the window along with the others, but he had to put up a strong fight now in order for his future plans to succeed. He was really too cruel to himself.

Xie Yuchen retreated to the middle of the train car when his move failed, but neither side rushed in. The train was moving fast, and the windows on both sides were closed, so they were obviously confident that he had no way of escaping.

The first goal was to have the opposing side fully focused on him, so that Wu Xie would have enough time to set up his plot.

No one had ever thought that Wu Xie was the mastermind behind the scenes. Those who were familiar with them both all felt that in this era, the only person who had the ability to conceal the mystery was the young master of the Xie family.

Since you know so much, you have to pay attention and be aware that even if you try your best and use all of your strength to guard against me, forces like you are totally inadequate.

Xie Yuchen popped his dislocated joint back into place, looked at the people approaching on both sides, and suddenly smiled.

One would think that a despairing smile would be understandable in this situation, or even a pained or desperate one. But it was impossible for Xi Yuchen’s smile to have any other meaning.

At this time, there was a loud roar as the train rushed into a cave, and the surroundings became dark.

Three seconds later, the train rushed out from the other side, and Xie Yuchen had disappeared from the middle of the car.

His opponents showed a hint of surprise on their faces as they looked around. Some checked under the seats, while others looked to see if any of the windows had been opened.

The passengers in the seats who were able to escape had already fled, and the others who couldn’t were pulled out from under the tables where they were hiding, and given a thorough check.

Now, a few of the adversaries started to look really surprised.

One of them picked up his cell phone and started dialing. The other people quickly spread out and moved to the cars on both sides, as if the fight had never happened.

The passengers in the car looked at each other. They had all witnessed the same scene, and curiously began to look around the car themselves.

Where did that guy go? They also couldn’t find the missing Xie Yuchen, and felt that he had disappeared from this world in an incomprehensible way.

The reason he chose that bridge to toss everyone out wasn’t due to the rapids or the width of the river, nor because the train would slow down when it crossed the bridge. And the fact that he came out alone and suddenly appeared in the train car to do these things also had an explanation.

It was because there was a cave seven hundred meters behind the bridge, and Xie Yuchen was the only one who could do the disappearing act in the train car.

He deliberately chose not to run away, deliberately started a direct conflict with these people on the train, and deliberately let himself fall into the dilemma of a rear and frontal assault. It was all for those three seconds of darkness.

A provocation.

He didn’t know if he could provoke the other party, but at least the meaning had been conveyed.


Li Cu, Su Wan, and Yang Hao were like lost dogs in the shadows of the sand dunes. Li Cu didn’t think there was any reason for them to be so hot, but they had all taken off their clothes and were desperately fanning themselves as the hot wind blew. The cold pudding they had just eaten seemed to have undergone a strange chemical change in their stomachs, and a nauseous feeling was lingering in their throats.

“Are you saying that we’re not in the Badan Jilin desert, and that this white desert is another desert?” Yang Hao was trying to sort out what Li Cu had said. “Why, did that Boss Wu not have his fill? Was he also cheated?”

“Impossible. See, they transported us here, which shows that they know this place’s exact location. Wu Xie and the people who left us here must know what the real situation is, but they lied to everyone else.” Li Cu kept drawing circles in the sand with the butt of his cigarette. “They must have had another purpose for doing so, and in this way, it at least scares people.”

It was understandable to frighten Mr. X, but it was the three of them who were about to pee their pants first.

“Let’s not talk about it anymore, Pear. I think what you said is reasonable.” Su Wan said. “You have such a quick mind. It would have taken me several days to figure this kind of thing out.”

Li Cu gave a wry smile. The adults around him had always said that he was quick-witted, and he knew exactly where he got it from. No matter the cost, he deceived them with the hope that things would develop smoothly. It was how he got through the years when his parents’ fighting had been at its worst.

But he had stopped now, because he long understood that a good character couldn’t change anything. Even if he tried his best to tell his parents that he would be good as long as they didn’t separate, they still did in the end.

Now there was no meaning behind his deception, but he knew a scam could always be achieved regardless of the cost.

However, no one had expected that these people would deceive others in this way. Yang Hao’s question was also his question.


The best way to see through a scam was to think about what those who were cheated would think if they were so deceived.

Li Cu felt that Wu Xie and the man who threw them out of the train didn’t want to deceive the three of them. Maybe they did before, but not now; otherwise they would have definitely taken off Su Wan’s watch.

Wu Xie and the others must have deceived them before because they were afraid that the news would spread. So that meant that the person they really wanted to deceive should be Mr. X.

Mr. X wasn’t aware of the truth of this matter, and thought that they still had three days to reach their destination. But they had actually already arrived.

Based on the timing, this scam gave them three days.

“The equipment.” Li Cu suddenly remembered. “When I was here by the haizi last time, all the equipment was thrown into the water.”

If Wu Xie had tampered with the equipment before, and wanted to eliminate any traces, then the best way was to destroy the equipment before they reached their destination. Then it was actually Wu Xie who had destroyed the equipment. Maybe his real purpose was to destroy the team’s GPS, and as not to arouse suspicion, he destroyed all the equipment.

Wu Xie had also told him at that time that there were other people in the team who had bad intentions.

“It’s really all connected.” In such a hot place, Li Cu’s body began to overflow with cold sweat. It was in that moment that he realized that he should go back and think about Wu Xie’s behavior and all the things they had encountered when they entered the desert.

The man hadn’t been playing around. Everything had a purpose.

“No, it still doesn’t make any sense.” Su Wan thought for a moment and then said, “We’re still wrong.”

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Sorry dears, only 1 tonight. I was raring to go when I got home from work because I wanted to know what happened to Xiao Hua (WHERE DID HE GO?! I WANNA KNOW!), but then it switched back to Li Cu and the gang and I was just like “Meh, I feel my motivation plummeting” lol. So I’m going to stop here and take the rest of the night off (don’t hate me too much lol).

4 thoughts on “Chapter 76 Revealed

  1. Definitely no hating. That was absolutely incredible! The truth is starting to emerge! And Wu Xie is the hero once again! I’m so glad 😭


  2. I have been a silent reader for quite awhile but my goodness the book actually filled in quite a lot of blank for Xie Yu Chen’s part in the drama. I was always so lost as it seems to skip quite a lotted we never hear really hear from his point of view. Sorry the part in the train in the book is much better portrayed then in the drama

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    1. Thanks for reading!!! 😊 And I know! It’s so surprising how much they seemed to have left out. I’m hoping we get even more of his point of view as the book progresses.


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