Chapter 64 Snake Swarm

As the three of them entered the warehouse again, the hum of the freezer made them shudder. Of course, this was mainly because they knew what was inside.

Before the three men approached the freezer, Yang Hao handed each of them a cigarette and said, “First light a cigarette, we brothers have our own destinies.”

When the three men lit up, Li Cu suddenly remembered something and brought his cigarette to bow in front of the freezer. He said: “Brothers and sisters, it wasn’t my intention to put you in there. I meant no disrespect. You know I had no other choice, and I wasn’t the one that packed you up like that. Can you show me your spirits to tell me what to do? If you can’t, don’t scare us. We’ll finish in a little bit and give you a big funeral. I pray you’ll have a good household in the next life even though Beijing’s house prices are high. Rest in peace.”

“Where did you learn that?” Su Wan asked.

“A friend of a friend.”

The three of them smoked half of their cigarettes, but the pressure was too great to keep smoking. They put them out, rolled up their sleeves, and got ready to go.

As they went straight up to the freezer, Su Wan said, “It’s time to manifest. If you don’t, you won’t have a chance.”

Just as he finished speaking, the freezer suddenly clattered and shook.

They all immediately froze and looked at each other, before Su Wan said, “Oh, my God, it’s really manifesting.”

Yang Hao raised his hand and slapped Su Wan’s face, “Shut the fuck up.” Su Wan pointed to Li Cu and said, “He said it first!” But he didn’t get to finish the sentence.

With a thud, the freezer suddenly turned over on its own, the lid popped open, and all the corpses rolled out. At the same time, a large pile of black, arm-thick things rolled out, which all turned out to be the snakes they’d seen before.

These things scattered when they landed, flowing around the three men’s feet. The men reflexively retreated, but the snakes aggressively rushed at them as soon as they landed.

“Fuck! Fuck!” When Su Wan fell to the ground after cursing twice, the other two lifted him up and dragged him more than ten meters away. The snakes moved a little slowly, and weren’t as fast as the one Li Cu had encountered before. It may be because the temperature in the freezer was very low, but they were still crawling towards the three of them at a fast speed.

The wet black hairs on the ground looked as if the hair was alive.

The three men ran back and retreated to the wall, kicking away all the hair that reached their feet. Yang Hao’s leg looked like it would reach the sky as he kicked the snakes like a ball towards the roof beam. He called over to Su Wan, “There’s a shovel behind you, grab it quickly!!”

Su Wan nodded, picked up the shovel leaning against the wall, and threw it to him.

Yang Hao obviously wanted Su Wan to give him a chance to catch his breath, but Su Wan unexpectedly threw the shovel over. It directly smacked Yang Hao on the head, causing him to fall into the pile of snakes. He was definitely worthy of being called a street thug, as he immediately used one hand to stand up again, shook all the snakes off, and then used the shovel to continue smacking the snakes to death. After that, he glared at Su Wan.

“Save me! Save me!” Su Wan shouted while kicking the snakes. Yang Hao swung the shovel, slammed Su Wan against the wall, and then came up to help him beat the snakes back.

Li Cu was relatively calm, after all, since he had already faced one of these snakes before. He had pulled the recliner off to one side and was using it as a shield to block the snakes in front. After Yang Hao saved Su Wan, he then went up to help Li Cu and beat all the snakes to death.

The snakes weren’t afraid of death, however, and instead of individually escaping, they clustered together. With the freezing effect weakening, their speed was getting faster and faster.

“Fire extinguisher! Fire extinguisher!” Su Wan shouted from behind. The two men looked back and found two fire extinguishers more than ten meters away by the wall. The three of them moved together and slowly retreated until they reached the wall. Su Wan picked one of the fire extinguishers up, turned it upside down, and sprayed it at the snakes.

This proved to be useful, as the snakes finally began to retreat and Su Wan extended his arms to continue pushing the snakes back. As long as the snake’s speed was slow, Yang Hao was able to go up and beat it to death with his shovel. And as soon as a snake launched a counterattack, the two immediately retreated behind Li Cu and his shield.

Six or seven minutes later, all the snakes that could be seen were beaten to death.

The three of them slowly loosened up, gathered around, and then looked at the aftermath. Su Wan said, “We were just like a Spartan phalanx. Our attack and defense were balanced and indestructible.”

Yang Hao went to swing his shovel and smack him, but Li Cu stopped him. He was in a cold sweat as he stared at the freezer contents that had been dumped across the floor, and then asked them, “None of you were bitten, right?”

All three of them checked their bodies and shook their heads. Su Wan said, “These snakes don’t seem to bite. Several of them climbed up me, but they didn’t bite me when I pulled them off.”

“Me too.” Yang Hao said. The words were no sooner spoken when he suddenly saw a scaly face lean out from behind Su Wan’s neck.

It was a ferocious face covered in black hair, and it lunged towards Su Wan’s neck with an open mouth. Yang Hao shouted very loudly, and slapped Su Wan and that face to the ground with his shovel.

The black-haired snake crawled from behind Su Wan’s neck onto his torso and suddenly straightened its upper body. Its whole neck flared like a cobra, revealing a strange human face inside.

Even covered with scales, Li Cu could still recognize it— it was the child-like face of Shen Qiong. Combined with the black hair behind the snake, it looked just like the snake had a human head.

“Demon!” Yang Hao spat. Su Wan was unconscious, and urine had actually spread from the crotch of his pants. “How should we do this? I’ll go up and beat it, and you drag Su Wan back.”

“When did you become so courageous?” Li Cu was surprised.

“I’m only afraid of fresh corpses, but I’ll destroy every living thing I see.” With a loud roar, Yang Hao went up to smack the snake’s head.

He didn’t expect this thing to be so nimble, as it retreated and dodged from time to time. Yang Hao backhanded it again with the shovel, accidentally hitting Su Wan’s crotch.

Su Wan’s whole body bowed and he spat out a mouthful of water. The snake then wrapped around the shovel and quickly climbed up the handle.

When Yang Hao cursed and threw the shovel away, the snake instantly climbed up to the place where he had held it, bounced up, and, then glided in the air. It made a turn and fell on Yang Hao’s shoulder.

Better late than never, Li Cu grabbed the fire extinguisher upon seeing this, pointed it at Yang Hao, and sprayed the snake down. Then he aimed the bottom of the fire extinguisher at the snake’s head twice.

This snake was obviously much more agile than the others. It dodged so quickly that Li Cu didn’t even hit it at all, and after two attempts, the snake leaped at him.

Li Cu rolled to the side, and in the middle of his roll, he forcefully changed direction. Sure enough, the snake opened its hood and could also change direction in the air. But it didn’t expect Li Cu to change direction halfway, so it ended up falling to the ground. Yang Hao cursed and kicked it in the neck with the strength of a long-range shot from midfield during a soccer match.

The entire snake was kicked out like a cannon ball and crashed into another freezer across the aisle. It tumbled to the ground, twitched a few times, and was still able to move. Yang Hao really had the makings of a striker. He rushed at a high speed, flipped the freezer over, and squished the snake underneath. Then he jumped up and stomped on it.

Whether it was a snake or a dragon, stepping on it like this would definitely turn it into meat sauce.

Li Cu breathed a sigh of relief, stepped forward, and then saw that Yang Hao’s actions had accidentally opened the freezer door. A mass of black hair rolled out from the inside, revealing more snakes. Initially entangled together like the first freezer, they scattered all over the floor.

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SWEET PRECIOUS SU WAN!!!!!!!! (I knew it was coming because of the drama but still lol). FYI, this is the latter half of episode 26 for those that care (I was surprised Li Cu was actually present when shit hit the fan with the snakes since he wasn’t there in the drama). And next chapter is part 2 to this snake fiasco ewwwwww my heart might not be able to take it. Snakes are up there with leeches in my book, they can all die lol.

So little random status update but apparently Sand Sea Part 2 is a BEAST and we still have 269 pages to go (804 overall). So needless to say, we’ll be on the Sand Sea train for a while ahahahaha

2 thoughts on “Chapter 64 Snake Swarm

  1. GOOD LORD WHY ARE THERE SO MANY SNAKES!!?!?!??? Where did they all come from???? Seriously! So glad Boss Pear is actually present for this in the novel. But how will they escape? WHAT is up with the human faced snakes?! Red snakes that can mimic human voices, black snakes that can mimic human faces. So glad these don’t exist in the real world!

    And poor Su Wan is gonna end up in the hospital not because of a snake but because of his friends trying to “save” him! Lol!


    1. And this is only from TWO of the freezers. I think Li Cu bought six or seven of them if I remember right (which is even more terrifying lol).

      I know, Yang Hao has been beating poor Su Wan black and blue with that shovel lol

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