Chapter 63 Express Company

Back in Beijing, Li Cu was in the warehouse again, unaware that he had entered a huge system. He was still thinking about who had cut up the whole expedition team and sent it to him. He carefully sorted through this information in his mind: Shen Qiong’s father ran a logistics company, which was contracted by a department in his father’s factory. The business in that factory had a turn for the better, and all the departments used Shen Qiong’s father’s logistics company. There must be something fishy going on with it, but it didn’t matter now.

In this case, if his dad’s factory had any hidden projects, then they would use a logistics company they trusted. In other words, unlike other outside logistics companies, Shen Qiong’s father’s logistics company turned a blind eye to many sensitive issues. That was why the guns and corpses could be transported to him without any difficulties. That wasn’t a good sign.

Shen Qiong’s parents were both found in these ice coffins, and their bodies had been dismembered, which meant that the couriers had shipped their own boss’ corpse. Shit, maybe there was a discount or something? Not all of the mummies should have been excavated in the civilized world, but he couldn’t be entirely certain of that. There were too many possibilities at play.

Li Cu wanted to know where these things had come from originally. He figured that since it was related to Shen Qiong’s father’s company, if he could find his dad, then he may be able to use his father’s connection to take a look at the factory. But his dad’s current situation was also very strange and made him feel a little uneasy. Was his dad also one of the key players involved? If so, he didn’t want to see such a fate. But now that he had his dad’s address book in hand, maybe things would be more convenient in the future.

He found his father’s former subordinate in the address book. The man’s surname was Rong and he was now the section chief of the technical department in the factory. This was one of the few profitable departments in the factory and should have some real power, so Li Cu quickly dialed the number and explained his idea.

When Section Chief Rong readily agreed, Li Cu thought, this shows that their cooperation with Shen Qiong’s father’s company is still very active.

He arrived at the factory at about eight o’clock the next morning, where Uncle Rong asked for one of the trucks to take him to Shen Qiong’s father’s company. The company was still operating as usual, and when he arrived, he saw the same employees who had delivered the goods yesterday. The company actually wasn’t big. It was just a very small branch in Beijing out of more than thirty such branches, but this branch was the largest distribution center. Any item that arrived in Beijing would be sorted and distributed here.

When he stated his purpose after entering the express delivery room, the other party looked at him and asked, “Do you know our boss?”

Your boss is lying in my refrigerator right now, Li Cu said to himself.

He exaggerated his relationship with Shen Qiong’s father, and then said: “I have all these goods that were delivered, but I don’t have the address of the other party and I don’t know who sent them. Can you help me find them?”

The employees looked at each other and said, “No can do. Boss can check it himself, but we’re not allowed to.”

He thought about what he should say, but it was really hard to threaten them as a mere high school student.

He thought for a moment and then said: “In fact, I don’t have any ulterior motives. I’d say your shady business isn’t that serious. I don’t want to know your specific operation methods or who your customers are. I just want to know where these things were sent from. Just give me a direction. If you don’t help me, I’ll have no other choice but to call the police. They’ll come and inspect everything, and you’ll be very troubled.”

Several people looked at each other and then said, “We’re just part-time workers.”

“I know, so you don’t want to take the blame, do you?”

One of them looked at him and said, “I know what you’re talking about. I remember you. All of those things were sent from Inner Mongolia.”

Li Cu asked, “All of them?”

The other party replied, “All of them. Our system is very complete, because many of the goods can’t be seen or passed through security checks, so all of them are transported directly by truck. The trucks should have left Inner Mongolia three days ago and arrived in Beijing after that.”

Li Cu asked, “Why is it so slow?”

The other party said, “We can’t risk taking the expressway.”

“If you take the national highway from Inner Mongolia to Beijing, can anyone load and unload goods partway?” Li Cu continued to ask.

The other shook his head and said: “We all have seals. The seals placed on the Inner Mongolia side are intact and haven’t been broken. We wouldn’t share a truck with the types of goods that have to be loaded and unloaded halfway. The transportation cost of these goods is very high, so we definitely won’t neglect them. They must be sent direct. This kind of money can’t be saved, so if you lose one, it’s a big deal.”

Li Cu nodded and asked, “Do you know where your boss is now?”

Several people looked at each other and said, “Didn’t our boss go on a trip?”

Li Cu asked, “Where to?”

The guys shook their heads: “We don’t know. Boss is the one that knows everything, but we think he went to the desert. He mentioned something about a project over there. Doesn’t your father know our boss? Then he may also know that this project is from their old factory.”

Li Cu touched his chin, thinking that things were just as he predicted. This matter had something to do with his dad’s factory, and Shen Qiong’s parents entered the desert with her. Was it Badan Jilin?

Li Cu returned to the warehouse and saw Yang Hao and Su Wan sitting outside, both smoking cigarettes.

Li Cu asked, “You’re willing to come back?”

Su Wan and Yang Hao looked at each other, and Su Wan said: “Chief Li, we really weren’t loyal enough yesterday and have reflected on it. After much consideration, I decided to come over. As Yang Hao also came over, we decided to wait for you here. You have to understand, this was the first time we’d ever experienced something like this. Now, Yang Hao has decided that in our small group, he will no longer be the boss. You’ll be the boss, and we’ll listen to you. Yang Hao said that although he can organize and fight, he certainly can’t compare with you when it comes to arms smuggling, dismemberment, and murder.”

Li Cu said, “Fuck you asshole, I didn’t do those things. I just received them.”

Su Wan said, “Whether you did it or not, you were able to put them all together, and you did it so fast and neat. You’ve already left us behind. Alright, Boss. Boss Pear, we’ll follow you in the future, just promise not to cut us up.”

Li Cu kicked him: “Shut up, I don’t want to joke with you now. You’re just in time. If I’m the boss, will you listen to me?”

Su Wan and Yang Hao nodded: “As long as we don’t have to touch the bodies, we’ll listen to you.”

Li Cu said, “Ok, I’ll take care of the corpses, and you can help me take a closer look at the boxes and all the small details inside. See if there’s any hidden information or something I might have missed.”

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I love how the couriers were like “We don’t know anything” and then proceed to tell Li Cu everything lol. And Yang Hao conceding to Li Cu being more gangster than him had me dying.

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