Chapter 62 Secrets in the Hidden Room

Liang Wan smacked her hand on the drawing with a look of joy on her face. She read a lot of novels when she was a child, and remembered that Sherlock Holmes had such a plot. She still remembered how Sherlock Holmes had measured the exact location of the room.

This hidden space must have a window. The hotel was very long and had many rooms, so unless you were very familiar with it, it would be difficult for ordinary people to discover it.

This room had to be found, and Liang Wan already had a general idea of what to do.

She went to the corridor, paced slowly step by step, and counted. She found that even though there was a hidden room between hers and the second room, the room was very small and she couldn’t accurately locate the entrance in the corridor.

“Did you enter through the window?” No, the exterior wall of this hotel was very smooth, and it was impossible to go into the room through the window unless a rope was thrown down from the roof.

If it wasn’t the window or corridor, was there an entrance to this secret room in the second or third room?

Liang Wan went back to her room, walked up to the wall near the second room, touched it with her hand, and then began to knock on it. The wall was made from very simple concrete, so the knock sounded very light and the echo was very heavy. They obviously hadn’t made it very thick, but a concrete wall was still a wall, and it was solid and impossible to get through.

When she knocked her way over to the corner, Liang Wan found a large wardrobe embedded there. She frowned, opened the wardrobe, and pushed the back panel of it, feeling as if something was off.

She climbed into the wardrobe, clasped the edge of the back panel with her fingers, and found with a “click” that the back panel was loose. She pushed gently, and the panel fell down, revealing a space behind it. It was a really small space with concrete walls that hadn’t been decorated at all, and appeared to be hidden in the gap between the next building and her room.

As Liang Wan lifted her foot and went in, some of the light from her room breached the space.

The light was so dim that it wasn’t enough to illuminate the small room, and the far side was dark. She took out her phone and turned on the light, but it wasn’t enough to illuminate the whole room either. She couldn’t clearly see the room’s situation and had to grope for the cracks between the unfinished concrete wall.

Sure enough, she felt a simple light switch, and the light came on when she pressed it. She found that the room was only as wide as two people and was long and narrow. There was a window built into the wall at the end of the room, and there was some sort of device on the window’s ledge.

In the middle of the room was a table with a thick stack of documents and a notebook.

Liang Wan confirmed that there was no one in the room, and then walked to the window where she had seen the figure earlier.

She found that the back of the entire window was painted the same color as the outer wall, but the whole window was made of glass. A closer look revealed that the inside was covered with a translucent wallpaper of the same color as the outer wall, and behind the wallpaper was a strange projector, which seemed to be controlled remotely.

On the other side of the projector, she found a cell-phone, and opened it to find that a call had just come in.

Obviously, this projector was controlled by a cell-phone signal, and there was a human-shaped cover on the lens. When a call came in, the rear lights would come on, and the cover’s shadow would be projected onto the window.

Since the window was affixed with wallpaper that looked the same as the exterior wall, it would obviously look the same from the outside during the daytime, or when the projector was off. As a result, no one else would be able to notice that this was a window. This design was obviously very novel, but the room itself was very simple.

She thought it over and called the number on the cell-phone back, but got a disconnected tone. It appeared that the other party decided to only use this number and phone once.

If that’s the case, don’t mind if I do. She put the phone in her pocket and then turned to look at the folder on the table. After opening it, Liang Wan saw a large number of design drawings.

This was a kind of specialized drafting paper that should have been crisp and durable, but now was yellow and greasy. It looked very fragile, and must have been kept in a damp environment for a long time.

Upon closer inspection, it seemed like some of the drawings were already in a disordered state, but they were sealed inside plastic laminate.

Liang Wan counted as many as twenty-seven, and saw a half A4-sized note on the back of the last drawing.

There were strange marks similar to urine stains on all of the drawings, but their edges were so distinct that she smelled them and found that they may be blood.

The blood appeared as if it had been sprayed, and looked very frightening, but there were no black spots. Someone had tried to wipe it off, but didn’t manage to wipe it clean.

This was already very telling. The data must have been saved by Xie Yuchen from somewhere, and so much blood meant that there must have been a big story behind it.

Liang Wan carefully picked up the drawing that had the note and read: “What you need to do next is to memorize all the information on these drawings. Be aware that the more clearly you remember it, the better you can help them, and the greater their chances of survival will be. If you act rashly, that child may be killed. After you’ve memorized all the information, burn all of the materials in this room. Remember, these things must not leave this room.”

Liang Wan was baffled as she sat there in the room. There was no one around her, so who would know what she was doing? This is all evidence, I won’t listen to you.

When she saw the number on the drawing was 033, Gutong Jing Station No.1, she remembered what Li Cu had told her and suddenly remembered that the connection between them seemed very complicated. This drawing appeared to be of a building constructed in the desert area of Gutong Jing. Based on the drawing and the signs on it, these documents should all be from the 1980s.

What kind of building could it be?

She sat down and began to read through the materials herself.

It took only half an hour for her to read it completely, and her first reaction was anger. Let alone memorizing these drawings, even if she took another look at them, she might not be able to do it. Her second reaction was confusion, because she noticed a strange phenomenon in these drawings.

All the drawings were done around the same time, and the designers were of the same age. They were all very young and only in their teens.

These drawings had all been done by children, or they were at least children when they had drawn them.

Why was that?

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