Chapter 92 Reason

I had read a science fiction novel before about a man who hijacked a spaceship and built a base on Pluto by using the hijacked materials. At the age of ninety, he finally successfully carried out his plan to threaten the government of Earth.

The whole process lasted his whole life, and he did all of the work alone. I felt that the situation here wasn’t too far off from the novel.

The legends of Kangbaluo had been around for a long time, and the association of copper and tin ore was even rarer. The construction of this kind of bronze door in this kind of place couldn’t be the result of a random selection but was more likely done on purpose.

For the Zhang family—whose lives were longer than that of ordinary people—it was logical and not at all against human nature to carry out such a big project with a small number of people. But the craftsmen working over such a long construction period must have been replaced every ten years or so. The people in this family were naturally lonely so being isolated for ten years wasn’t a big deal in that sense, but there could be another possibility. Maybe it was because they needed to be isolated from the world for a long time that they slowly evolved into such characters.

This was just an interesting theory I had, but if that were the case, did that mean that at the bottom of Changbai Mountain, Little Brother was working alone as an ironmonger? Were the so-called ten years simply his time limit?

If the family had withered and the members couldn’t be reached, that meant that no one would come to relieve him at the end of the construction period and he could only work endlessly at the bottom of the mountain until the project was completed.

It was scary to think about, but the secret at the bottom of Changbai Mountain wasn’t so simple. It was obvious that the ancient bronze door on this side was modeled after it and even equipped with a fighting corpse. And based on what we saw in this workshop, there were numerous fighting corpses that may have been placed throughout this underground canyon. That would mean that this place was probably a trap.

The Zhang family was preparing to ambush people at the bronze door. Since the construction period of the project was so long and they had been so patient with this trap, they definitely weren’t dealing with only one or two people.

When I thought of this, I couldn’t help but sigh, “We’ve been had.” This trap had been here for such a long time that it must have certainly attracted more than one wave of people. The Zhang family must have left a variety of clues around the world, including the real giant bronze door hidden under Changbai Mountain and the huge Yin and Shang imperial tomb, both of which were miracles that couldn’t have been completed by individuals. It was impossible to completely conceal any clues of these miracles from the world, but the Zhang family tampered with the direction that these clues pointed to and sent them all to the depths of the Himalayas. Here, they made a fake bronze monument and set a deadly trap.

These clues all led to this place. I didn’t know how many people had been brought here to die, but it was likely that after the Tibetans discovered the setup here, they took it as a place haunted by demons. Some of them built the lama temple while others established the Kangbaluo village here.

This mysterious tribe further strengthened the validity of the clues left out in the world, making people feel that such clues couldn’t be refuted.

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Updated 2/14/2022

One thought on “Chapter 92 Reason

  1. “The people in this family were naturally lonely, so being isolated for ten years was no big deal in that sense. There could be another possibility, however. Maybe it was because they needed to be isolated from the world for a long time that they slowly evolved into such characters.”

    Maybe one of the reason why the Zhang need to isolate themselves from the world is “that” secret that they have been keeping for generations. It’s kinda sad that even if they don’t want to be lonely they have other responsibilities more important to them. Resulting them to slowly become who they are now.


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