Chapter 60 Shadow

I hesitated for a moment, but Fatty pulled me along before I could see what it was. We started running but only managed to make it a dozen steps before we both stumbled over the rocks and fell.

The noise behind us was even louder now. I only just recovered when I noticed that Zhang Haixing wasn’t around. But it was too dark and the flashlight’s range was too small to see anything.

I yelled but knew that it was useless because there was too much noise coming from the bronze door. As long as we were only a meter away from it, the two of us couldn’t hear anything.

Fatty fell harder than I did, and when he turned over and stood up, I saw that he had split his head open. He pulled at me to continue running, but I shook him off and shouted, “What is it?”

But before I had finished speaking, a dark figure threw Fatty to the ground. I thought it was Zhang Haixing, but when Fatty kicked it off, I found that it wasn’t a person.

“Load the gun!” Fatty yelled from the ground. “Back it up against the stone! I’ll help light it up!”

Fatty was always right when it came to judging situations—especially at times like this—so I knew I couldn’t hesitate any longer. But as soon as I pulled the rifle out, Fatty screamed again and his flashlight flew off to the side.

It went out as soon as it smashed against the ground and my own flashlight was shining on the ground so I couldn’t see anything as I loaded the rifle in my hand. All I could hear was Fatty cursing up a storm. Shit! I thought to myself.

It seemed that logic was always right; we really shouldn’t have used a grenade.

When I finally got the rifle loaded and lifted it up, I saw countless shadows moving around but I couldn’t see Fatty at all. I couldn’t lift the rifle one-handed, let alone shoot it like that. Stallone shooting a rifle in each hand was really quite unscientific. (1)

But strangely enough, nothing seemed to attack me.

I yelled at Fatty and swung the rifle all over the place, trying to hit something, but I didn’t connect with anything. Then, there was a sudden flash of light behind me. When I looked back, I saw a cold firework light up in the distance and then get thrown out.

Then, there was another cold firework. The person over there moved quickly and lit more than a dozen cold fireworks, throwing them into the dark corners like they were doing acrobatics.

With the red light suffusing the area, I could see the acrobat—it was Zhang Haixing. Although the light didn’t reach me, it was all around her.

I thought I would see some strange things when I finally got a good look at our assailants, but what surprised me was that I only saw some black shadows. Even under the light, those things were pure, black shadows. It was like they had no shape at all.

“Here!” I waved my flashlight and saw her nimbly flitting between the stones, but she didn’t come over. Instead, she motioned to me.

I immediately understood that we should go to her.

I went back to look for Fatty, only to find that he had already run past with a few black shadows on his body. They appeared to be stuck on him.

I cursed at him, “No sense of loyalty!” and then immediately followed after him. As I ran at maximum speed, I kept telling myself that I wouldn’t fall until I reached the red light’s inner circle. But before I could relax, the ground under my feet suddenly moved and I fell down.

As it turned out, the rocks under my feet were unstable and there was a hole underneath. When I fell down, my lower body became stuck in rocks almost up to my chest.

I tried moving my legs a few times as I struggled to crawl out, but like an animal shedding its skin, my whole body continued to slide down.

As I curled up in the small space below, telling myself how fucking great this situation was, I found that I was still gripping my flashlight tightly in my hand. I looked around, only to see the real body of the shadow everywhere in the gaps in the surrounding rock.

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TN Notes:

(1) Ahahaha he’s totally referring to Sylvester Stallone playing Rambo. God I love those movies.


Fatty!!! WTF are you doing abandoning Wu Xie???????? You know he can’t fend for himself lol

Updated 1/8/2022

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