Chapter 28 Difficult Choice

Which face here didn’t look annoying? It had to be one with a peaceful, calm, and collected face.

But when I thought about it, I suddenly felt that something was wrong again. If the girl thought my face was very calm, was it because I was as lazy as hell at that time, so my face looked calm?

Moreover, it was difficult for me to tell what state these people were in when they were dying. Looking at the quietest and calmest face here may not be accurate because maybe they were at their most desperate when they died.

I shook my head, knowing that I was wasting my time. There was no more time for me to think about it, so I had to take a deep breath and look at the heads again.

It’s been said that when people are at their most stressed, the thinking speed of the human brain can be increased by more than ten times. Although it was only more than ten seconds this time, all of the details of the seven heads were imprinted in my mind, and I immediately noticed that one of them didn’t have his eyes closed. Unlike the others, his eyes were half-lidded, and I could see them.

“Let me get a closer look, let me get a closer look,” I said to them. “Open all their eyes.”


Eyes can’t easily be changed, I said to myself. The person who is the most like me must have copied all of my details, including my eyes.

During this period of time, I studied the technique of changing one’s appearance and read a lot of literature on it. Some of the literature stated that the easiest way to identify this technique was to observe the eyes of the other party because the color depth, sclera (1), blood vessels in the sclera, and the size of the pupils were all different.

In order to see all of this, the details of the eye needed to be viewed from very close, so if it wasn’t someone who was very close to me, it was generally impossible to do. In fact, there weren’t any people who were particularly close to me, so even I didn’t usually pay much attention to the details of my eyes. But I just so happened to be reading books on this recently, so I especially looked at my eyes, which prompted me to seize this opportunity.

Regardless of whether the other party was considering this aspect or not, at least this was a direction of thinking that wouldn’t make me look so desperate.

They uncuffed the two of us since the time was almost up anyways. Fake Wu Xie began to write his answer down on a piece of paper while I opened the eyelids of those heads and looked at their eyeballs.

After careful observation, I determined that I was an idiot because they all had their eyes rolled into the backs of their heads. Only the one with the slightly opened eyes looked straight ahead, indicating that he had died with a lingering grievance.

This person’s eyes weren’t the same as mine.

I looked at Zhang Longban and asked, “Can I bust these heads open?”

“Why do you want to do that? Do you eat monkey brains?” He asked.

“I’m going to dig their eyes out,” I replied.

“Give it up. Embalming doesn’t work on the eyes. They’re all resin.” Zhang Long shook his head. “And you don’t have time, make a decision quickly!”

“Wait a minute. Did it ever occur to you that the real Wu Xie would definitely panic and make the wrong choice because of your actions and his character weakness? You may end up killing me by mistake.”

“We don’t care.” Zhang Longban didn’t hesitate at all, “We are absolutely one hundred percent confident in your choice.”

“Can you not have so much confidence in me? I don’t have any confidence in myself right now.”

At this moment, the fake Wu Xie on the side said, “Can you hurry up? If you can’t do it, just pick one and stop your chattering.”

I looked at the fake Wu Xie’s face and told myself that it would be fine if I only had to guess between two impostors, but I had to choose one randomly out of seven. The probability of me being correct was too small. Ah, fuck this guy!

Wait, wait, wait.

I frowned—what that guy said just now was ringing in my ears.

“We don’t care.”

This is what Zhang Longban had said.

What did he mean by that? It was impossible not to care. If their aim was to find Wu Xie, they would certainly account for the fact that if I was scared to death by this situation, I would probably make a mistake and then they wouldn’t find Wu Xie.

They didn’t care but were a hundred percent confident in my choice.

Were they not focusing on my selection of the seven heads? Was this a cover, and they were judging whether I was real or not by relying on other aspects?

For example, my reaction to these seven heads was the focus of their examination while the heads themselves had no meaning.

When I thought of this, I suddenly felt enlightened. This was it; this was the situation. A person with such a meticulous layout and the ability to plot would never make such a mistake.

It must be that this choice was meaningless in and of itself.

The topic was meaningless, so what they observed just now was human behavior. In other words, this entire process was an examination.

So, this fake Wu Xie must have known for a long time and had been dealing with the exam in another way while I was fooling around here.

“Time’s up, will you choose?” Miss Zhang asked.

“Do you really want to cut my head off?” I cursed before pointing to the head with its eyes open and saying, “This one.”

Zhang Longban and Miss Zhang glanced at each other and then looked at the paper fake Wu Xie had handed over—it should have his answer written down on it. Then, Miss Zhang sighed and pulled out the dagger from behind her back before walking up to me and saying to the man beside me, “Tie him up and find a place in the courtyard. I’ll cut him up there.”

Completely blindsided, I didn’t react until someone tied me up, pushed me into the courtyard, and pressed my head onto a stone mill. All I could say was, “Shit, I answered wrong?”

I turned to see Miss Zhang come at me, her dagger flashing in front of my eyes. A strong hand was pressing on the back of my neck and pressing down on my artery. “Don’t be afraid,” the girl said. “I’ll start cutting from the spinal cord. When you don’t feel any pain, it’s the first moment.”

“I’m really Wu Xie, you’re mistaken!” I shouted loudly. I felt something cool on the back of my neck, and then there was the hot flow of blood before I found that I suddenly couldn’t feel my body anymore.

It’s over. I’m dead, I thought to myself.

This time it was real. I had spent so much energy, used up so much luck, and went through hundreds of situations that could have killed me ten thousand times over, but I didn’t die. The result here was because I was stupid and answered the question wrong, so I would die so easily.

Life was so ironic!

I didn’t feel too regretful in my heart at this moment, only a little smug as I told myself, when Little Brother comes out of the bronze door, he’ll surely find that I was mistakenly killed by his people. Then we’ll see what kind of expressions this girl and Zhang Longban will have.

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TN Notes:

(1) Whites of the eyes


Updated 12/13/2021

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  1. As dangerous as the situation sounds, I like how Wu Xie’s all “my Xiao ge will butcher y’ll for killing me” like that’s soooo cute lol

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